Saturday, 30 March 2013

Cute Tees for Spring

6 Cute Tees

Hey Guys! Hope you're all having a great easter weekend so far. I've been working most of it but I do have three days off now so it's not all bad :). Now I know that the snowy weather we've been having lately is nothing at all like spring but that hasn't stopped me shopping for T-shirts and shorts... So todays post is about just that. I love wearing a casual tee with cute shorts or skinny jeans in spring/summer time. These are six that I fell in love with and would love to go out and purchase right now!

1. Star crossed lovers tee. This Wildfox t-shirt is so cute! I adore their t-shirts and baggy beach jumpers sooo much but they are very expensive so I only get one now and again. When I went to New York last year I managed to get one really cheap, so if I go again this year I'll be stocking up and this will be one I'll be looking for. It would look really cute with denim shorts or a pair of black skinny jeans.

2. Oh Romeo tee. Another Wildfox t-shirt. Very cute! I think red is a lovely colour for spring. Its not too summery so still looks good when we have those rainy days. I would pair this with a medium blue skinny jeans. The thing I also like about Wildfox t-shirts are they are pretty baggy so look really effortless and cool.

3. NYC vest. Okay I know this isn't exactly a t-shirt but it kind of falls into the same category. I love all things New York. The whole city is just amazing to me. I love the smells, the noise, the people and the atmosphere so so much. So when I see really cute vests or t shirts related to it. I nearly always need to have it. So this is perfect.

4. Dork tee. This Topshop number is very very popular at the moment. I've seen so many girls walking around with this kind of t-shirt on in a variety or colours. I actually have a 'Dweeb' sweatshirt from Topshop and I wear it to death. I think wearing this with cute hot pink shorts or a simple pair of skinny jeans would look great!

5. Peach polka dot tee. Yet another Wildfox tee. I just love this! Its so cute and very spring. This would also look super nice in the summer with shorts and flip flops. The colour just cheers me up and is something simple but not at all boring. Love!

6. You make me happy tee. Lastly is this black slogan t-shirt. I just really like the writing on the front. Its a sweet and feel good saying. Its just a very casual t-shirt but I think you could really dress this up with disco pants or a leather skirt with some chunky jewellery.

So there you have it, my first fashion post. I hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe picked up some ideas or fell in love with some of them. :)

Luci xo

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Skincare Regime

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a great week so far. Todays post is about my skincare regime. I am always after the perfect products to use for my skin and I think I may have found them! So here goes.

1. Clarins Extra-Comfort Cleansing Cream £19. This is just so good! I have very dry skin especially in the winter. My skin just seriously hates the cold. But since I started to use this, I have noticed a big improvement. I use this first to take my make up off and cleanse my face. It feels really creamy and gentle on my skin and doesn't leave me with that horrible 'tight' feeling afterwards that some products do. It is for dry and sensitive skin so its probably one of the most gentle products from Clarins. 

2. Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion £19. Next up is the fabulous toning lotion. I never used to really tone my skin. I never really saw the point in it. (Terrible I know)! However this is the matching product to the cleanser so I thought I'd give it a go. Wow is all I can say! It is so refreshing on my skin and the smell is lovely and fresh too! It just makes my skin feel really smooth and extra clean.

3. Clarins Daily Energizer Cream £20. On to the moisturising. This cream I originally bought when I was trying out the energizer range. The rest of the products worked great in the summer months but dried my skin out terribly in the winter. The moisturiser was actually pretty good all year round. I've been using this for about a year now and I really like it! Its lovely and thick and super hydrating. I only use this at night as it doesn't always sit well under my make up.

4. No7 Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue £12. When I have drier patches on my skin I use this on them. It actually works and now I couldn't live without it. I don't know how it does it but after a couple of days the dry patch disappears. Again its quite a thick cream but doesn't leave you with a shiny face or anything. Very impressed.

5. Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair £37.60. Lastly is eye cream. I used to suffer with super bad dry skin around my eye area, including eyelids and it was awful. My make up would just flake off and wearing eyeshadow was just a no no. I tried so many eye creams but not one worked. I read a few reviews on this product (with quite a hefty price tag) and took the plunge and went for it. Oh My God. This product is a-maz-ing! It cleared up my dry skin in a few days and didn't leave me with the stinging sensation that some strong eye creams give you. It doesn't leave my skin shiny and my make up glides over the top. It is my Holy Grail eye cream for sure.

6. Eucerin AQUAporin Active Moisturising Cream £13.50. This last product I only use in the morning before I apply my make up. Its a very light but rich moisturiser and doesn't feel greasy. When I apply it to my skin, it feels as if I'm putting nothing on and it dries almost instantly, completely shine free. I wouldn't apply my make up without using it. My skin feels hydrated all day long. It really is a great moisturiser. I had never heard of this brand before and the packaging isn't the most attractive but it works. Thats the main thing!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my skincare regime and my thoughts on all the products. I love reading about other peoples skincare regimes and thought I ought to write my own. :)

Luci xo

Sunday, 24 March 2013

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Soft and Gentle

Hey Everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. Ive mainly been chilling out, cleaning my makeup brushes and running a few errands. Just a pretty lazy weekend actually! The weather is pretty awful so I'm quite happy staying in the warmth and being all cosy. :)

So today I just wanted to tell you all about one of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes I bought the other week. I got the shade 'Soft and Gentle' and its gorgeous! I've wanted one of these for a while but was always a little bit unsure of how often I'd actually use it. I decided to just take the plunge after looking at lots of swatches and reviews. Im so glad I did! The colour is a lovely shimmery champagne/bronze colour. Its the perfect highlighter. 

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't use anything else now. I used to use Benefit's 'Highbeam' but this is so much better. I really like the fact its a powder so it blends into my foundation and blush perfectly. You also get so much product! I can't see this running out quickly. Ive also read that you can use it as a eyeshadow too so I'll definitely be trying that out. At £21.50 it can seem a little pricey but it will last a long time and it really is beautiful. I can imagine it being perfect for any skin tone too. :)

I'm completely sold and I'm pretty sure this will be a staple in my make up bag for a very long time.

Thanks for reading :)

Luci xo

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The MAC Tag

Hey guys :). I'm doing the MAC tag today. I saw it on a couple of blogs when I was browsing and thought I'd give it a go too. Hope you enjoy!

How long have you been using Mac?

I started using MAC products about 2 years ago after my sister went on a make up course. she came home from it raving about all these things to try. So I did and have been hooked ever since.

What was your first Mac product?

It's hard to remember! I think the first two things I bought were a pro long wear concealer and studio fix powder. It's hard to know what to start off with. You kind of want to buy everything you see all at once!

What is your favourite MAC product?

I'd have to say my Mineralize skinfinish, my studio sculpt foundation and eyeshadow in 'Brun'. It's so hard to choose just one favourite but I've managed to narrow it down to three! Not a bad effort.

What's your least favourite Mac product?

If I had to choose one I'd say their Cleanse Off oil. I read so many amazing reviews on it and so many people claimed it was amazing and it took all their make up off with a couple of pumps. I was so excited that I ordered it the same day and tried it out as soon as it arrived. I was SO disappointed! It took forever to take my make up off and just made my skin feel really oily and icky. I was not a fan unfortunately. 

Do you own a Pro Card?

I would love to but I don't.. My sister does and I am so jealous!

Your Mac foundation shade:

I'm the shade NC15. I know it's one of the lightest shades but when I went to get matched up at the counter the make up artist said I already had natural colour in my skin so no other colour really matched me. I've taken that as a good thing! When I wear my MAC foundations, they match perfectly! No complaints from me!


Id have to say 'Brun', 'Mylar and 'Brule' as I use them my eyebrows on a daily basis. As for my eyes 'Wedge', 'Brown Down' and 'All that Glitters' are my go to combination as they look so pretty for a day to day look but can be darkened up for night time. I also love 'Nylon' as a highlight. My sister introduced me to it and its amazing! 


I have so many lipsticks its nearly impossible to choose a favourite but I'd probably go for 'Cremecup' and 'Shy Girl' They are both really natural colours which I love and I wear them to death!


I really like their lipglasses but my favourite has to be 'Pink Lemonade'. Its quite a bright coral/pink but I adore it and it always reminds me of summer. Perfect.


I use 'Bountiful Brown' and 'Engraved' nearly every single day and I love them both. They don't smudge or anything and stay put for hours.


Ill be honest, I don't actually own many MAC brushes. Id love to invest in a few to expand my collection but I do love their 129 blush brush. I find its such a good shape to apply my blush with.

Nail Lacquer:

I have never used MAC nail polishes before. Im a huge OPI addict and very rarely use anything else on my nails. My OPI collection is so huge I also own nearly every kind of colour so nothing really catches my eye nail polish wise in MAC collections.

Pro Product:

I guess the only pro product I have are the pro palette eyeshadows to fill my quads up with. So much easier to travel with then the individual ones.

Comment on the following Mac product; Have you used them? If so, give feedback.

Prep + Prime Skin:

I used to use the primer all the time underneath my foundation but for the last 6 months I haven't bothered with it. I do really like it but I can live without it too.

Studio Sculpt Foundation:

I bought this recently and I LOVE it! I always thought it would really dry my skin out but it turns out that because its gel based, it actually works really well on my skin type. (I have very dry skin) and the coverage looks perfect. It doesn't leave me with any dry patches and the concealers just blend perfectly into it. A must have!

Mineralize Satin Finish:

I've never used this and I probably wont I'm afraid.

Studio Fix Fluid:

This used to be my go to foundation and I still really like it but I have discovered other MAC foundations that just work a bit better for me. The coverage is amazing though and its never caused me any problems.

Studio Tech Foundation:

I dont like those foundations that are almost like powder so I have never even felt the need to try it. 

Studio Fix Powder:

I do really like this powder and I used to use this with my Studio Fix Fluid. It was a really good combination. However now I just keep it in my bag and use it occasionally for touch ups.

Beauty Powder:

Never used it and am pretty sure I never will.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:

I actually LOVE this! I find it stops my face from being all shiny and I couldn't go a day without putting this on. This is what I now use instead of the Studio Fix Powder. Its a staple in my make up bag thats for sure!

Mineralize Skin Finish:

Again, LOVE these! I only recently bought my first one the other week. I got the shade 'Soft and Gentle' and I cant imagine never having this. The colour is gorgeous! I thought I might do a review on this actually. Im thinking about maybe purchasing another one soon, I love it that much!

Bronzing Powder:

I havent actually ever used a MAC bronzer. Which is probably quite a bad thing to say because I have heard some great reviews on them. Unfortunately NARS Laguna bronzer came into my life and I cant even think about using another bronzer. Its just too good. 

Powder Blush:

I really love their blushes. They are the only blushes I actually use and i have them in quite a few colours. I end up going through phases of using the same blush for weeks on end and then purchase a new one and leave the others for ages! The one I'm currently loving at the moment is 'Peachykeen'. Its a beautiful colour and just gives me a really nice glow.


I really hate creme blushes. So I've never even looked at them.

Mineralize Blush:

I think these are gorgeous and its the next thing on my list to buy. I have read some great reviews and seen some lovely swatches. Im thinking I might try 'Gentle'. It looks so pretty!

Cream Color Base:

Again, Ive never tried these, I don't like creme products on my face at all. When you wear lots of powder it just doesn't sit well.

Studio Sculpt Concealer:

I bought one of these a while ago and while I don't dislike it, I very very rarely use it. Its almost too thick and drying. The only time I'd use this is if I had quite a big blemish, as the coverage is really good!

Select Cover Up Concealer:

I really like this for under my eyes. It covers my dark circles fairly well and its nice and creamy so it doesn't crease up.

Studio Finish Concealer:

Ive never tried it. But it looks good and the coverage is meant to be pretty good too.

Tinted Lip Conditioner:

I really want to try one of these and people rave about them. However they are always out of stock online and in store. No fair!


I adore MAC lipsticks! I own quite a few now and no doubt my collection will continue to grow. The colours are always amazing with such a huge range to choose from and the finishes are lovely too.


LOVE them! I really like the tinted ones best.


I Got one of these in limited edition set. The colour is pretty but I never wear it, I don't like the finish very much.

Cremesheen Glass:

I only have one of these in 'Floating Lotus'. Its a really nice pink colour but again, I never really wear it much. I just like my tinted lipglasses too much!

Lip Gelee:

I have never tried these before. In fact, I haven't heard of them before. Are they still available?

Lip Pencil:

Again, I have never tried them. I always keep meaning to buy one to go with my red lipstick but I never get round to it. There is always something else more important I guess.

Nail Lacquer:

Like I said before, Im a huge OPI addict so I don't see the point in trying out a MAC nail polish. Like they say, 'Don't fix what isn't broke'.


Never used them, probably never will.


I really want to try a pigment. Its another thing that is on my list. They look so pretty!

Eye Kohl:

I have used 'Smolder' occasionally, I like it but can live without it.


I have never tried it. I have TERRIBLE at applying any sort of liquid liner on my lash line. I have tried but I just cant do it. I guess I just need to continue to practice. But until I've grasped it, I don't see the point in my purchasing expensive eyeliners. It can be a treat to myself when I can do it. :)

Liquid Last Liner:

Never tried.

Lustre Drops:

Never tried either.

False Lashes:

I have never tried them. They are pretty expensive and Eylure are cheaper and amazing.

ProLash Mascara, Zoom Lash Mascara, Plush Lash Mascara, Dazzle Lash Mascara:

I havent ever tried a MAC mascara because I love my drugstore ones way too much. I have been buying Max Factor Masterpiece mascara for years now and its a firm favourite of mine. I also love Maybelline mascaras too!

What has been your favourite Mac collection to date?

Every single time a collection comes out, I nearly always love at least a handful of things! I really liked the Marilyn Monroe collection and I am too excited about the Baking Beauty collection due middle of April. There are so many things I want from that collection you have no idea!

Which of the MAC collections have you found disappointing?

I wouldn't say i found any disappointing. But I didn't really like The Year of the Snake collection very much. Bit boring.

What products do you think Mac are missing?

Absolutely nothing! They have a huge selection of products! :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag! Feel free to do the same!

Love Luci xo

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Urban Decay's Theodora Palette Review

Hey my lovelies!

Today Im going to talk about Urban Decay's new Theodora palette from The Great and Powerful Oz collection that ties in with the Disney movie. I haven't seen the film yet but I've heard its amazing!

 I went for the Theodora palette rather than the Glinda one because it has lots more neutral colours that I would wear on a daily basis. I adore neutral browns and champagne colours for my eyes so this was the perfect choice for me. :)

So the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. Its really pretty and just screams Oz. The palette itself is really cute but sturdy and the way the eyeshadows are ringed with gold is a lovely little touch. You can pop them out and swap them around too which I think is pretty cool.

As for the colours... eek! I love them! 'Broken' is a lovely highlight colour, the photo doesn't really give it justice. Its more of a creamy kind of colour then white. "Beware', "Bewitch' and 'West' are gorgeous browns which are perfect for the lid and the crease. They really compliment one another and you can get away with just wearing the one or wearing all three. Ive even used "West' on my lower lash line as a soft eyeliner. "Spell' and 'Jealous' are two colours in one pan. I really like that they have done that, as you kind of get another 2 eyeshadows but you can also use them together as one. "Jealous' is the colour I'll probably use the least. Im not a huge fan of green at the best of times but these particular greens are slightly wishy washy for me.

I also love the fact that it includes a 24/7 glide on eye pencil in 'Zero'! I always used to use these eyeliners until I discovered MAC so Im super happy I get the chance to use this and fall in love all over again.

Finally you also get a super saturated high gloss lip colour in 'Theodora' included. I never really wear red lipstick, not because I hate it but purely because of the maintenance it requires. However, when I first tried this lip colour out, not only was the colour to die for but it was really long wearing! It had a nice shine to it and I didn't feel like I had keep reapplying all the time. So thumbs up Urban Decay! :)

Overall I think this is a lovely palette to own, especially if you like collecting limited edition palettes with new colours that are not available normally. And it only costs £35 which as far as I'm concerned isn't bad going for a palette that gives you so much. :)

Thanks for reading!

Kisses Luci xo

Monday, 18 March 2013

First Blog Post!

Welcome to my blog Pretty Little Doodahs.

So I've always wanted to write a beauty blog and I've finally decided to take the plunge!
I have tried in the past but I've never really had the motivation nor dedication to really make it special but this time I'm hoping it can be :)

I love all things beauty! This will be mainly what I blog about. but I also love fashion and cute little things. So I'll probably blog about those too and anything else I get up too. :) I can't wait to share it with you!

I hope you enjoy reading about all things beauty and style.

Huge and kisses, Luci xo