Friday, 30 August 2013

MAC Lipstick | Lady Danger

L-R. Lady Danger lipstick and Redd lip liner
Hey everyone! Todays post is on the newest MAC lipstick in my collection "Lady Danger'. Now autumn is only just around the corner which means nail polishes get darker, clothes get cosier and lipsticks shades get deeper. Now I am actually a huge fan of red lipstick even though I tend not to wear it as much as I would like sometimes. Also, like most people, I don't suit every shade of red out there so finding the perfect one can take a little time. So when I purchased this gorgeous shade and saw how lovely it was, I knew this was the red for me.

So 'Lady Danger' is a stunning bright red and is described as a 'vivid bright coral - red'. I personally think its a lot more red than coral and its just gorgeous! It also has a matte finish which I think looks great with red lipstick. The formula of this lipstick is amazing, as is all MAC lipsticks I have ever tried and also lasts for hours and when it does start to fade, it leaves a stain to your lips so you don't need to constantly reapply. The only downside to this product is, because it is a matte lipstick, it can show up any dry areas on your lips. So come winter, get a hydrating lip balm! 

When I wear this lipstick I also pair it with MAC's lip liner in 'Redd'. It just gives you a better look and neatens up the edges. I love this combo and can't wait to start wearing it in the colder months!

Have you tried this lipstick? What did you think? Whats your favourite lipstick for fall?

Luci xo

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Favourite Base and Top Coats

Hey everyone, how are you all? Today is just a quick post on my current favourite base coat and top coat. When you paint your nails as much as me then you know how important it is to have a brilliant base coat and a long lasting shiny topcoat. There is nothing worse then painting your nails perfectly and then after one day, they are chipped and ruined. A lot of new nail polishes are becoming more chip resistant all the time but to me, a top coat is vital and a base coat helps to prevent all that staining and keep your nails in slightly better condition then without.

So first up, my favourite base coat. Years ago I actually never used a base coat (shock, horror!) because I just couldn't see the point. It took up too much time and was boring to do. However I cant stress enough how important a decent base coat is. Not only does it prevent your nails from getting stained by the darker shades of polish, it also makes you nail polish last so much longer and gives you a nice surface to paint. I have been loving this Essie Rock Solid base coat recently. It has made my nails a lot stronger and break less and I feel like it has a made a huge difference to the quality of my nails. It costs £8.99 in Boots but they are always doing offers on nail polish so look out for deals. I think I actually bought mine for half price.

Next up, top coat. Now I have got through top coats like you wouldn't believe! I paint my nails all the time and obviously I use the same top coat every time, they run out pretty quick, believe me! However this Essie number has to be my favourite at the moment and I can't see me changing my mind any time soon. This is Essie Good To Go rapid dry top coat and I love it! Not only does it dry in seconds which makes painting my nails that much quicker, it also makes my polish last for days whilst keeping them super shiny. To me, this is the best topcoat I have had for a while. Again, it coats £8.99 in Boots but is worth every penny. Anything that makes my nail polish last for 3-4 days without a slight chip (and I work in retail) and gives them a lasting shine is worth a lot!

What are your favourite base coats and top coats? Any you think I should try?

Lots of love
Luci xo

Saturday, 24 August 2013

I Wish I Could Afford...

I Wish I Could Afford...


Hey everyone, hope you are having a great weekend so far, shame about this awful weather! It literally has not stopped raining all day.. depressing isn't the word! So to cheer myself up, I have been browsing the internet and window shopping and found myself saying 'I wish I could afford' so many times! So I decided I would do a little blog post on things I really wish I could afford. You will always have those things that you probably know deep down, you will never ever purchase (unless you win the lottery or something... unlikely!) So this is like my dream list and I think everyone should have one :).

1. Topshop Boots. These are just gorgeous! I saw these the other day in Oxford Street and just fell in love. They are pretty pricey for boots but that doesn't stop me wanting them on my feet. I also tried them on while I was there (big mistake!) it just made me want them more! To be honest, I probably could afford these once I get paid however, right this second, they are on my wish list. I love them!

2. Lanvin 'Love' Ring. How cute is this ring? I saw these in lots of magazines in the past month and I would just love to have one. They are ridiculously expensive for a ring that isn't the most practical in the world though and I will never ever own one of these but I just love it. Its just so edgy but cute and will look great with pretty much anything. They also do a few different words, I just liked this one best.

3. A Trip to New York City. I really really wish I could afford to go to New York right this minute. Like, even for just a weekend? Like I have said before, its my favourite place in the entire world, I just love it there and feel so at home, its just a shame its so pricey to go there. Plus I would need spending money (of course) which makes it even more so.. There is always next year? I just HAVE to go back next year..

4. Chanel Lipstick. Who wouldn't want a Chanel lipstick? I think its the red lipstick to have, the packaging is just so chic, classic and expensive looking and I have heard such great things about the formula and lasting power of these lipsticks. If I had some spare money, I would love to invest in one. I just cant justify the price, I always have something I need to purchase instead. Maybe one day.. :)

5. Tiffany Rose Gold Earrings. How gorgeous are these?! I am always partial to a bit of expensive jewellery but its definitely something I never buy myself unfortunately. I just adore these earrings, they are so cute and simple but the rose gold make them a little different to the standard silver that I normally go for.

6. Prada Handbag. Okay, so this would have to be on the top of my wish list. How stunning is this handbag? I just love it so much! Its everything I could ever want in a handbag, its black, its structured, its the perfect size and shape.. what more could a girl like me want? The only down side is the crazy price.. (we are talking over £1000 here..). Realistically, I will never own this handbag, I think the price tag is actually insane and will never have enough spare money lying around with nothing else to pay for. This really is something I can only dream of. *Sigh*.

What products are you lusting over at the moment? What does your dream wish list consist of?

Luci xo

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

NOTD | China Glaze - Hang-Ten Toes

Hey guys! Hope you are all having a great week so far, enjoying the last of the summer. Its definitely got a little warmer again this past week which has been nice. :) Summer isn't over just yet thats for sure! Todays post is a nail of the day post and I am getting as much use as I can out of my super bright summer polishes at the moment. I love wearing them all year round but they work best in the summer months. 

So the polish I am currently wearing is 'Hang-Ten Toes' by China Glaze. Those of you who haven't tried China Glaze's nail polishes before then you seriously must. I just adore them! Their formulas are always really lovely and they take forever to chip and for someone like me who works in retail, this is very important! They also do a fantastic range of colours for all seasons, my favourites have to be their summer neons and their Christmas collections, I just love them!

Anyway, back to the current polish, this is a gorgeous neon pink/fuchsia but not in the 'highlighter pink' kind of way. Its stunning with a pearl like sheen to it and looks amazing with or without a tan. It really makes your nails stand out and I always get lots of compliments when I wear this one. In the photo above I have applied two coats, it doesn't work as well with just one and unless you like matte nails, you will need a top coat as this polish dries without any sort of shine. 

I highly recommend this shade, its just beautiful and perfect for the summer months. :)

Have you tried China Glaze nail polish? Whats your favourite shade?

Luci xo

Monday, 19 August 2013

Trend | Bold Pink Lip

Beautysets - Trend | Bold Pink Lip

Hey ladies! Today is just a quick little post on a trend that has been huge over the Summer. The bright and bold pink lip. Its something that I think is super easy to wear and looks great on everyone. There is always a shade to suit every skin tone which makes it something everyone can pull off and it looks fantastic with or without a tan and takes no time at all to achieve. Whether you want to spend a lot of money on a high end lipstick or you want something a little more on budget, every single brand out there has their signature bright pink lipstick in various finishes. This looks fantastic whether it is matte or glossy. 

There is still about a month left of Summer so dig out those fuchsia lipsticks and get rocking this look. :)

Luci xo

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Victoria's Secret Fantasies

Hey my lovelies, hope you are enjoying your weekend, mine is being spent at work which sucks a little.. but hey, thats retail for you! Luckily, I'm not missing out on any hot sunshine which makes it a little more bearable. Anyway... todays post is on a little purchase I made when I went up to London last week. Now I have had my eye on these ever since I clocked them on Victoria's Secret website. Unfortunately, even though they do ship to the UK, I just can't justify the shipping costs for a few body mists. So when I saw them in Bond Street's store, you can imagine how happy I was.

They actually stocked every scent there and I must have spent ages sniffing every single one, trying to find my favourite. Some of them were really strong and too fruity for me, I am not a huge fan of fruity scents so thats a no no for me. I eventually narrowed it down to four I really liked and I just couldn't decide on my favourite. They had an offer on for 3 for £24. Now some people will think spending £24 on three body mists is insane, but they smell so so good and one alone sets you back £11. To me, it made perfect sense. So I finally purchased Coconut Passion, Strawberries & Champagne and Pure Daydream.

So I am going to try and explain the scents too you but I am kind of rubbish at describing them, I apologise in advance! Coconut Passion smells like coconut (obviously) mixed with vanilla so its that lovely cosy kind of scent which I could smell all day if I had too. Strawberries & Champagne is pretty self explanatory but it is probably my most favourite out of the bunch. Its just a gorgeous scent that I cant get enough of. Lastly, Pure Daydream is more unusual and the fruitiest out of the three, it has a lovely floral scent to it and a slight hint of berries which you can just about smell. Its lovely and fresh though!

These are amazing! I have been wearing one of them every single day since I bought them and the scent lasts for ages! They are lovely and light and the scent just lingers for hours on end. I just love spritzing it all over and then maybe a little on my neck and wrists. I also love the fact that they have aloe vera and calming chamomile in them too so they also condition your skin. Perfect! They also do body lotions, body butters, body washes and hand creams in matching scents which is pretty handy and perfect for putting little gifts together for people. :)

If you haven't tried these body mists then I recommend you give them a try! You wont be disappointed and the offer is too good to miss. If you have tried these before, what did you think? Whats your favourite scent?

Luci xo 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Topshop and Forever 21 Haul

Hey everyone! Hope you are all having a great week so far, looks like we are back to our usual english summer weather again but never mind! I never thought the sunshine would last.. Anyway, todays post is a haul post! I got paid before the weekend which meant I could finally get out and do some shopping. To me, nothing beats that feeling you get when you leave a shop with bags galore full of nice new goodies. Its a buzz I get and there is nothing quite like it, I am always super happy and flying high after a successful shopping trip. :) Now this haul is a mixture of things I purchased in store and online, this wasn't in one entire trip, just so you know!

So first up, Topshop is one of my favourite places to shop when the new season hits because they always have everything first at reasonable prices and they always have a huge selection to choose from. I always find some stores take a little while to release all their autumn lines which is great but also kind of annoying.. So first up is these two tube skirts which I absolutely love at the moment! They are kinda perfect for that 'in-between seasons' kind of thing because they aren't super short but a little bit more interesting then your standard jeans/trousers. I am going away to London for a few days next month and thought these would be ideal for dinner or going out in the evening. I also purchased another skirt online and it was this simple maxi skirt. I have been looking for a plain black maxi skirt for a while now and I could only ever seem to find floral patterned ones. This one has lovely pleats and a zip up the back which makes a change from the elasticated waists I have seen on lots of them.

Onto tops, first up is this gorgeous floral patterned white T-shirt which I just fell in love with straight away, its lovely and loose and the material is really soft. I don't actually think the photo does it justice but it will look great with a pair of blue or black jeans. I also picked up this cute navy blue vest which I adore! I actually have two of these already in a pink and a black and they are fab. They literally can be worn with anything and are such a flattering shape. If you haven't tried one then you must. :) Last of all are these two spotted crop tops which I just think are so cute and simple. They were so cheap too, worth it if you ask me and I can't wait to wear these with a high waisted skirt.

I also decided to include a few jewellery items I picked up in Forever 21, they seemed like the fit in perfectly with this haul. I just love Forever 21's jewellery, the prices are actually crazy and when you are spending so little you kind of don't mind about the quality so much. I personally think the quality is pretty good considering. I picked up this super cute double ring and two pairs of earrings which I think are so on trend and the whole lot came to about a tenner. Cant go wrong! I also popped into Victoria's Secret when I was in London and purchased the most comfy pair of joggers ever. I actually love them but I didn't get round to taking a photo of them as I put them straight on, in fact, I am currently writing this whilst wearing them, they are soooo cosy! I also picked up a few beauty items from there too but I thought I would give them their own post. :)

So thats what I have bought lately. I just love shopping.. slight addiction maybe? What have you guys been buying lately?

Luci xo

Monday, 12 August 2013

Instagram Diary #1

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Magazines that I love * New York quote - so true! * Hughenden Manor * New chunky necklace * Inspiration quote * More magazines - addiction! * The Host * Audley End house * Nars lipgloss blog post * Gorgeous grounds * Jogging around the grounds * Babylips * Skye looking cute * Lucky Charms quote * Hitting over 50 followers * Tanning myself

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I certainly did seeing as I got paid but I just find they go so quickly.. anyway, todays post is an Instagram diary post. Now I have seen loads of these on peoples blogs and I find them so interesting and fun to read so I thought I would give it a try and create my own. These photos are from the last few weeks and if you don't already follow me on Instagram then this gives you a little insight into my life. :) So basically the first few are of a couple of quotes that I  think are really nice and relatable and of the magazines I purchased recently. I have a huge obsession with magazines, I just love reading them and looking at the pictures and finding out whats going on with fashion, make up and the celebrity world. I also adore American magazines too, I love seeing whats going on and whats new in the States, I swear if I could work for a magazine I would be in heaven! I also bought a few makeup pieces in the last few weeks which I decided to take photos of and The Host on DVD which is an amazing film and book, so if you haven't seen it or read it then I recommend it. I also went away for a few days recently to Audley End which I did a post on here, so I had to include a few photos from there too. :) I also reached over 50 followers here on my blog which I am so happy about! Thank you again to everyone who follows my little slice of the web, means so much! I also included a cute picture of Skye, my westie and a standard sunbathing shot too, got to make the most of the sunshine! Lastly, the Lucky Charm quote had to be reposted, how amazing would it be to have an entire box of cereal full of only the marsh mellows? Perfect world right there.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have Instagram then feel free to follow me :).

Luci xo

Saturday, 10 August 2013

August Glossybox

Hey everyone, so sorry I haven't posted in a while, going back to work has felt super tiring for some reason and I just haven't had a spare minute to actually sit down and write something so I am soooo sorry for that! I am back in the swing of things now so I should be a bit more organised. Hopefully! So todays post is on this months Glossybox, actually cannot believe we are on August's box already? The theme of this months box was 'High-Flyers' so basically products that are perfect for when you are on the move and for summer travels. I also like the fact that they are all under 100ml which means you can take them on board a plane too. Good thinking Glossybox! I have to say, I was quite impressed with the products this month and feel like I got quite a lot for the price of the box. This is what was inside...

Emite Make Up Eyelash Curler. Eyelash curlers are one of those things that you will always need and being on holiday is no exception. I currently use my Sephora one that I picked up in New York last year and I love it, its the best one I have used for a long time. However I am always up for trying something new and seeing this in my box was really exciting! This eyelash curler is actually worth a whopping £20 and considering I only pay a tenner for the entire box, thats pretty amazing. I also love the colour scheme of it. The black makes it look really professional and smart and the red detailing is pretty cute too. I cant wait to try this out!

Jelly Pong Pong 2 in 1 Shadow/Eyeliner. Like I have said in the past, Jelly Pong Pong is not a brand that I really use that much or really think about purchasing. But this looks like something I will actually try. This would be ideal for travelling because not only can this be used as a standard eyeliner but you can also smudge it out like an eyeshadow too. There were three colours up for grabs and I ended up with this stunning creamy, metallic grey. Its really pretty and a colour that I would like to try out. i just hope the quality is good, as I like eyeliners to last for the majority of the day. These retail for about £10.50 though so I have high hopes.

TRESemme Platinum Strength Concentrated Treatment Shot. This looks really good! I will be trying this out as soon as possible. This is basically a 60 second treatment that will repair damaged hair and damaged ends and I really hope this will work. I am always looking for products that help to restore my hair to its former glory and my ends can look a little dry sometimes so it will be really interesting to see what this can do. I also love the fact that you literally leave it on for 60 seconds. Perfect for when you don't have the time in the morning. I'll keep you posted on whether this works. :)

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir. Who doesn't love a perfume sample? I love them, its one of the best ways to decide on which scent you want to try next. I am quite choosey when it comes to scents though and I hate anything too fruity or something that fades after an hour or so. However when I spritzed this on my wrist I just fell in love. This smell is amazing! I actually need to purchase this as soon as possible. I love it! They describe it as 'succulent ripe berry notes and gourmand accents, while adding a juicy touch of honeysuckle and a sultry hint of sandlewood'. Its gorgeous!

Oceane Makeup Remover Pen. Lastly is this little invention, a makeup remover pen. I cant believe I have never had one of these before? I don't know how well it will work but the idea of it sounds brilliant. It basically removes any unwanted makeup or any mistakes you might have made when applying. Perfect for on the go or when you look in the mirror during the day and realise your eyeliner has smudged under your eyes. This seems like the easy on the move fix. Very excited to give this a whirl!

So thats what was in my box this month. Overall I was pretty impressed with it all. I can see me trying every single thing out which is what I like to get out of a monthly beauty box. Have any of you received this months box? What did you think?

Luci xo

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mini Break to Audley End

Hey everyone! Hope you are all well and having a lovely week so far. As you know, I was off work last week for a nice relaxing break and actually went to Audley End for a few days. It was lovely and we took Skye along with us too. :) 
Apart from a huge thunder storm when we arrived, (which is just typical) and a couple of rain showers, the weather was glorious! Had so much fun just popping to Cambridge which is really nearby and doing a bit of shopping and just seeing how cute and old it looks there. The buildings are gorgeous. I tell you, anyone who is lucky enough to go to university there, I am so jealous!

The place we stayed was actually the gate house to Audley End House called Cambridge Lodge and it was so cute! We literally had all the grounds to explore which was amazing and perfect for evening jogs and little walks in the sunshine. These grounds are huge and absolutely stunning with mini waterfalls, streams and even stables with the three most friendly horses I have ever met. I wanted to take them home.. The house was also amazing and really interesting to see how people would have lived. I love anything with a bit of history and a story behind it. :)

I love little breaks like this and had a lovely time :).

Luci xo

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream

Hey ladies! Todays post is a quick one on my new favourite moisturiser by Dermalogica. I have always been interested in trying Dermalogica products but always found them way too expensive. I just couldn't justify the price. Then I discovered their intensive eye repair cream and quickly realised that it was worth every single penny. I only purchased their eye cream when I was desperate for something to really hydrate my eye area and would have spent any amount of money at that point! So when it came to purchasing a new moisturiser I couldn't decided whether I should repurchase my Clarins favourite or try something new. Obviously I had to go with something new!

Now I know spending £46 on a moisturiser is kind of excessive and maybe even slightly crazy, I did think that at the time! However, I felt really confident that it would work wonders on my skin, purely because their eye cream was a-maz-ing. I went with their skin smoothing cream because its ideal for combatting dry skin and improving the skin's texture. Seeing as I have very dry skin, this seemed the best option for me. When it arrived, it was quite a big tube, for some reason I expected it to be pretty small. So I am sure this will last me for quite a while which is good, it makes spending that amount of money worth while. 

This cream is a medium weight so its not too thick and heavy but not at all runny of any sort either and when applied to my skin, it felt amazing! Really hydrating and a small bit goes a long way! I have been using this for a couple of weeks now and it hasn't broken me out or made my skin any drier but its also not greasy at all. Its really cooling and soothing and I actually look forward to applying it. It has made my skin feel a lot smoother and thats only after a couple of weeks. I do only use it at night though, that way it will last me a little longer. The only thing I would say about this product is the smell isn't brilliant. It smells really medical and strong and the first few times I used it, I did wrinkle my nose. I've got used to it now and barely notice but just a warning, if you are sensitive to smell this might put you off. 

Have any of you ever tried Dermalogica products? What are your thoughts?

Luci xo

Friday, 2 August 2013

Monthly Favourites | July

Hey ladies, Hope you are all ready for the weekend? My week has flown by! I have been away for the last five days and I can't believe its over already. It feels like just yesterday I was telling you all I had a week off. Another thing that feels like yesterday is me writing my June favourites and now I am writing July's. Its crazy! Where is this year going? At least this month has been super hot and sunny which has made a change and also probably made the month feel a lot quicker. So yeah, its that time again where I tell you what I have been loving this month. So here we go...

Batiste Dry Shampoo. I have been using this so much this month, what with the weather and everything. I have always loved Batiste dry shampoo and I always get it with the hint of brown to it because my hair is dark and the white just shows up sometimes. This saves me more time by not having to rub it in as much (sooo lazy!) This has to be in my favourites purely because I couldn't have survived without it.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow Dry Lotion. I have loved this product this past month. I purchased it a couple of weeks a go and its brilliant. I apply this to my roots before I blow dry my hair and it really does give a little extra oomph to my hair. What with the hot weather and everything my hair gets flat really quickly. This has definitely helped to keep it volumized for longer and I think I will easily be using this for the next couple of months.

MAC Prep and Prime BB Cream. Its been too hot to wear any kind of foundation so I have been giving my skin a break this month and have just been wearing BB cream and a little powder. This BB cream is one of my favourites and gives a nice light coverage without being thick and over bearing. I get this in the shade 'light' and its perfect. Love this product!

MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash. I did a post on this product here a few days ago and as you can probably tell, I love it and is now a firm favourite of mine. I have worn this mascara pretty much every day this month and even when its been hot, it hasn't smudged or anything. 

NARS Laguna Bronzer. I love this product and always have. As you can see, I have totally hit pan on this now because I use it so much. I do use this every day to contour my face but recently I have been dusting it all over for that extra glow. Its such a gorgeous shade, its not orange at all and matches in with a tan perfectly.

Essie Polish in 'Fiji'. Again I did a post on this colour here and I love it! I have worn this so much this month and its easily one of my favourite nail polishes of all time. I just adore it so much and it looks great when you have a hint of a tan. Its like the ideal colour for summer.

Kindle. Lastly is my non beauty favourite of the month and thats my Kindle. I bought this a few months ago and I just love it. I love to read books so much and in the summer I always take one to read outside in the sunshine. Having all my books in one place is fantastic and I have been using this loads in July. For those of you that are interested, I am currently reading The White Queen by Philippa Gregory at the moment and its brilliant! After watching the first episode on TV I had to read it. Im a sucker for a romance story no matter what era. 

So thats it, another monthly favourites :). What have you been loving this month?

lots of love
Luci xo