Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nike Free Run 3 Trainers | Keeping Fit

Hey Everyone! Now those of you that follow me on Instagram may have seen the photos of my lovely new trainers and that I am starting to jog as a way of keeping fit and healthy. I'm always moaning and saying that I want to get fit and tone up but my will power leaves a lot to be desired. So I thought by buying a pair of decent and pretty trainers, it would give me a kick start. 

Last year I did join a gym and intended to go three times a week. This quickly dwindled down to maybe once every so often. I was completely wasting my money. I don't know whether it was laziness or the fact that being surrounded by super fit people was a little off putting, especially as I was huffing and puffing most of the time. So I quit and went back to complaining about how I needed to get fit.

After going to New York last September and seeing so many people go jogging around Central Park and actually enjoying themselves I decided that in the new year, I'd really give it a try. I really wanted to get some trainers that were bright and colourful rather than boring white. I guess I still wanted to make a fashion statement even if it is only jogging. :) So after a lot of searching on the internet and reading reviews I settled on these!

Nike Free Run trainers are meant to feel as if you are running barefoot but still with the support and cushioning of a normal shoe. They do them in various colours too so there is something for everyone. I went for what they call 'Hot Punch' and its a super bright pink with lime green accents. Very girly! When they arrived I was so happy with how they looked and they are sooo comfortable! In addition to my new trainers, I also went to Victoria's Secret in London to purchase some new fitness gear. I went for a pair of yoga leggings in black with a coral and white striped band at the top and a bright coral, baggy t-shirt to match. I think looking the part makes you feel so much better about yourself. The more confident you feel, the more likely you are to do it more often.

Anyway, I went jogging for the first time this morning with my sister and these shoes were amazing. They didn't rub my feet or feel uncomfortable, but cushioned my foot. They also felt super light. Shame about my fitness levels, which weren't so great but that can be improved! 

I'm hoping by having these gorgeous trainers to run in, I'll manage to keep it up and actually end up enjoying myself - fingers crossed!

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Luci xo


  1. These are such cute trainers!

    1. Aw thanks, aren't they just?! :)

  2. They look so goood! How much were they?


    1. They were about £55. So worth it though! :) xx