Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My New Car | Toyota Aygo Fire

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all having a good start to the week. Seeing as I haven't been at work yesterday or today I can officially say the start to my week has been okay. Plus I picked up my new car! Todays post is a quick post on exactly that, my new car. :)

So my new car is a Toyota Aygo Fire. I had an Aygo before this one but it was the basic model and was red. I loved it and everything but when they told me I could trade it in a year early if I'd like, I jumped at the chance. Who doesn't love getting a new car? So this new car of mine is now in black metallic which is my all time favourite colour for a car but because it is metallic its all sparkly in the sunshine, just gorgeous! It also has alloy wheels and air conditioning. I have always wanted air conditioning, there really is nothing worse then driving on a hot summers day and sweating like mad. I don't really like driving with the windows down, (I hate the noise) so having air conditioning makes me super happy!

The drive is so much smoother and the engine is so quiet compared to my old one. I just love it so much and look forward to driving this around for the next three years. :)
I know this is a super short post and reading about a new car probably isn't everyones cup of tea but I just wanted to share it with you guys. 

Luci xo

Saturday, 27 April 2013

My Favourite Lipbalms

Hey Ladies, hope you are all well and are all having a brilliant weekend. Mine is being spent at work I'm afraid which is never the ideal way to spend your weekend but hey! :) Anyway, todays post is about my favourite lip balms and why I like them so much. I am the kind of girl that owns so many lip balms, mainly because I am always the hunt for that special one to transform my lips and make them super soft all year round. I guess its kind of like an addiction, if I see a lip balm I have yet to try, I instantly need it and sometimes I'm really disappointed and other times I know I'll be using it for ages. These are the ones that I'm still really happy with.

Maybelline Baby Lips. I purchased this when I was in New York last year because I had heard so many great things about this product! I'm kind of gutted I only purchased the one flavour as its really good. Its moisturising and doesn't dry your lips out the more you apply, which some lip balms do. I got it in the flavour 'Quenched' which has no colour to it and hasn't got a strong smell. I just wish I had got more! You can't get these here in the UK so I have been using this little and often until I can go back and buy a few more.

Carmex Moisture Plus. I just love Carmex lip balms. They always work wonders on my lips but I don't always like their packaging. This is the only one that they do in a tube, I just don't like the idea of being out and about and then putting your finger into a little pot. Its very unhygienic and just yuck. This product is the one I have been carrying around the most lately. It just feels so nice when you apply it and my lips haven't been dry since. This also tastes really yummy too, I think its actually meant to be flavourless which is strange as I really like it.

EOS Lipbalm. Another amazing American lip balm. What is it with the USA and great formulations for lip products? I actually purchased this off Amazon but I know lots of online stores sell these now which is brilliant! I got it in the flavour 'Strawberry Sorbet' which is amazing but I would like to get hold of some more. I adore the packaging so much and I like the idea of the dome like shape of the actual product, super easy to apply and completely hygienic. Love it!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Okay, so I know this isn't an actual lip balm but it works wonders on my lips. I got this mini tube in March's Glossybox and I have used it every night before bed since. It just hydrates my lips throughout the night and when I wake up, they feel amazing. I am a little worried when this runs out though as the full size product is very expensive. Maybe too much for a night time lip balm?

Apivita Lip Care with Honey. I had never heard of this brand before but I was shopping one day and thought I'd give it a whirl. I told you I was a sucker for lip balms! Anyway, it's actually really good and moisturising. Its quite a grainy lip balm and it feels as if its almost exfoliating my lips at the same time, which is probably one of the reasons it works so well. I also love the smell of honey which makes wearing this even better.

Disney Rapunzel Lip Smackers. I'm a huge Disney fan and Tangled happens to be one of my favourites. So when I came across this lip balm I had to get it. Its so cute! Granted its more of a novelty product and not something I would use every day but it does have a gorgeous shimmer to it which looks really nice as a natural lip colour. It also smells amazing, like berries which isn't a bad thing at all. Come on girls, who wouldn't enjoy a Disney lip balm?!

So they are my current favourites. :) What are your favourites? Do you own any of these products? Know any I should try?

Luci xo

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Pretty Little Liars Style | Emily

Pretty Little Liars Style | Emily

Polyvore - princessluci

Hi Everyone, hope you are all having a great week so far. It was back to work for me today after five days off which did suck a little but it was lovely just being able to chill out and unwind. Anyway todays post is another of my Pretty Little Liars style series. This one is all about Emily's style and how you can achieve it yourself.

Emily's style is casual yet modern. Because she has such an active lifestyle it still has to be practical, think denim skirts, sweatshirts and trainers. I found this cute denim skirt and these skinny jeans which would be perfect for that sporty everyday look. Emily always sticks to quite basic t-shirts or striped numbers. This blue and white, loose fitting, striped tee is perfect paired with either jeans or skirts and looks effortlessly cool. Emily also loves slouchy sweaters or cute cropped jackets to take her casual style up a notch. This medium washed denim jacket is a staple in Emily's wardrobe and very versatile. I found this simple red tank top which will look great with the jacket. Don't be scared to try a few brighter colours though. Emily isn't one to be too boring and will often wear bright green or yellow striped tops or grey tanks with a faded design. To compliment the colours, try a cute yet casual hoodie to tone it down. This pale grey one will go with absolutely anything!

As for accessories, Emily is all about the trainers. She seems to have so many styles and colours so be sure to pick yourself a stylish pair to really nail the look. If she isn't wearing trainers then Emily is often seen in a pair of black studded biker boots. These look great with denim or cargo skirts and transform her casual outfits into something a bit more 'going out'. As for a bag, Emily isn't one for a cute clutch or a big tote bag, she likes something simple that reflects her lifestyle. Try this cargo cross body bag in a very neutral colour. And lastly onto jewellery, Emily is not the girl with the crazy earrings or the long pendants. She is happy with simple silver hoops or these super cute friendship style bracelets in several colours, very pretty but also very simple.

So that is Emily's style. What do you think? Is she your favourite little liar?

lots of love
Luci xo

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April Glossybox | Pearl Lowe Edition

Hey my lovelies! So April's Glossybox finally arrived. It feels like I have been waiting ages for my little box of goodies to finally reach me. This months box was a limited edition one as Glossybox have partnered up with Pearl Lowe, a fashion designer who is inspired by vintage style. Which explains why the box looks a little different this month too. Its gorgeous! I just love the floral pattern covering it, so cute! Makes a change from the pale pink we are all used too.

The contents of April's box were pretty amazing too. Sometimes I'm not always that impressed with what I receive, but this time it was a totally different story. I can see myself using all of these products and if they work well, possibly purchasing them. I was especially excited to see a full size Essie nail polish. Being a massive nail polish fanatic, getting a freebie is like Christmas for me.

So the products included in my Glossybox are:

Richard Ward Optimiser Style Reviver. I'm always a bit funny with receiving hair products as my hair can be pretty fussy and some products just make my hair limp. However when I saw this, I did get a little bit excited. I don't know about you guys, but after a day at work my hair can tend to look a bit lifeless and lacking in volume. This style reviver claims to counteract frizz and instantly give you that much needed boost of volume without having to wash your hair again. I can't wait to give it a try! Sometimes it would be nice to spritz something through your hair and be good to go. I really hope this works! Only downside is, it is £19 for the full size product which I think is a little expensive.

Nip + Fab Dry Skin Fix Body Butter in Mango Smoothie. Now this made me happy. I have heard so many good things about this brand and am really looking forward to giving this a try. I do suffer from dry skin so this sounds like it would be the perfect moisturiser for me. It's meant to repair dry and dehydrated skin and improve the appearance of skin. Sounds pretty good! I'm also really pleased I got the mango scent, it smells so yummy!

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask. I'm not always a fan of face masks. I'm always worried they are going to break me out but this just sounds too good for me not to try it. I really like the sound of it being able to cleanse, exfoliate and brighten my skin. Also nearly all the ingredients are natural which makes me super happy. However, the full size product does come to £18 which seems quite a lot for a face mask to me.

Essie Nail Lacquer in Geranium. So like I've said before, I am a massive fan of nail polishes, like huge! I own so many colours and as far as I'm concerned, you can never ever have enough. So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw a full sized Essie polish in my box. The shade I got is gorgeous and its already on my nails! Its very spring like and I'm so impressed that they included it in this months box. 

Yves Rocher Nutritive Vegetal - 24H Comfort Nourishing Cream. Wasn't too sure what to make of this tiny tube. I'm pretty excited to find out what it's like. Because my skin is so dry, I like finding new moisturisers that will make my skin feel silky smooth and flake free. This product claims to keep skin nourished and feeling soft and supple for a full 24 hours! If that is the case, then I am really excited to give this a whirl. It smells really great and I think its full price of £13.50 is not that bad for a moisturiser either.

What do you think of April's Glossybox?

Lots of love
Luci xo

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Advice To My Teenage Self

A couple of days ago, I was browsing through my dashboard when I came across this post on Bird's Words. It was such a good read and really made me go, 'I remember that!' or 'that happened to me!' so I decided I would do a similar post about advice I would give my teenage self if I could go back. 
I didn't hate school at all, but I wouldn't want to do it all over again either. School was very hard work and was a constant battle to try and survive the popular crowds, the bitchy comments and 'rules of the school'. If I went back now, I wouldn't care what people thought, I would know exactly what to say and do and how to handle situations. But when you're only a teenager, those things can be nigh impossible. My school in particular was pretty rough. It was the kind of school that, unless you were naughty and rebelled, you were nothing and my school life was all about trying to fit in and not stand out in any way, shape or form. These are a few things I would tell my teenage self if I could go back now.

Don't worry about what people think.

You'll always care a little bit about what people think, it's the way you are. But don't let it rule your life. So what if your bag isn't the same as everyone else's or your hair style isn't the 'in thing', if you like it then thats all that matters. In the long run, people will respect you for being yourself. You shouldn't have to feel as if you aren't good enough because they don't like what your wearing and you shouldn't feel awkward because you feel like you stand out and people are bound to be staring at you. Its a good thing so be proud and hold your head up high.

Stand up for yourself!

Sometimes, it's okay to stand up for yourself and not be a complete doormat. There will be many times that you'll disagree with something or feel like you are the centre of the groups gossip. Try and not let it get to you. It will feel horrible and you might feel like the loneliest person at times, but those people are not worth it and you shouldn't have to be scared to say something to them. They wont be your 'friends' in the future so don't worry too much about trying to keep them. If you think what they are doing is wrong, then mention it. If you know they are gossiping about you at the desk behind then call them on it. They'll be so embarrassed and you'll feel a million times better.

Don't put all your trust in people.

When people are being super nice to you, don't assume they all have your back, because they wont. There will be times when you think 'I told them not to say anything' or 'how did everyone find that out?'. People will stab you in the back frequently so don't let your guard down so easily. Don't worry, true friends will eventually appear and they are the people that will keep your secrets no matter what. You will also have that special friend you've had since year four who will always be by your side and you'll be able to tell her everything.

Aim to be the best - it's not a bad thing.

Dont feel bad about doing really well in your subjects, keep working hard and ignore those people that laugh and call you a geek. Getting good grades is important and a good thing to have for the future. Those 'popular' people who think messing around and not doing an ounce of homework is cool, have no idea what the future holds and will be those people who don't achieve much in life. You'll end up doing really well and thats definitely something to be proud of. Also be grateful for those teachers who really pushed you to get that great grade in Maths and French when you didn't really have a clue what you were doing.

Don't stay at sixth form because of your friends.

Staying where your friends are seems like a really great idea, but its not the best one for you. Sixth form won't be what you think it is and you'll be left feeling disappointed and end up not being as motivated as you could have been, to get those super grades you can achieve. Think outside the box and be confident that you'll still have those friends that really care about you whether you move to a college to study or not. Don't be scared!

Stop plucking those eyebrows!

Okay, so everyone thinks having super thin eyebrows that look like pencil lines are really cool. They might well be considered cool in secondary school but out in the real world, that is not the case. You'll be left with eyebrows that have very stunted growth and are never going to be in any real shape. You'll forever need products to fill them with, which is fine, but you'd be saving yourself a lot of time in your future morning routine by leaving them well alone.

Push yourself in P.E.

Yes, P.E might be THE worst subject in the world and the idea of messing your hair up, that you've spent all morning on to look exactly like everyone else's terrifies you. But it is a subject that maybe you should take a little more seriously. Don't spend ages trying to think up reasons why you can't participate in every lesson and just give it a go. Its good to be healthy and you might actually find a sport that you are good at. It would also make keeping fit a lot easier in the future too.

Fashion Advice.

Those awful fake burberry scarves that you and your entire group decided to wear religiously look exactly that, awful. They do not look good at all and you all look pretty ridiculous wearing them exactly the same way, all at the same time. Destroy it immediately. And as for those red and blonde streaks you put in your hair, NOT cool. They will also take forever to grow out so it's better to just avoid any kind of permeant dye, full stop.

So there you have it, a few things I'd like to go back and tell myself if I could. What would you tell your teenage self if you had the chance? Anything you'd want to change?

Lots of love
Luci xo

Friday, 19 April 2013

My Real Techniques Brushes

L-R Powder Brush, Blush brush, Buffing brush, Contour brush, Pointed Foundation brush and Detailer brush.

Hey My Lovelies, Hope you've all had a great week and have that Friday feeling! Its the weekend at last, time to relax and enjoy yourself. Todays post is about my Real Techniques brush collection.

Now I don't have lots of them but I have enough for me to be certain that these are currently my favourite brushes ever. As most of you probably know, they are created by Pixiwoo who is a blogger, you tuber and professional make up artist. These brushes are colour coded according to the key steps of make up application. Orange for the base, purple for the eye area and pink for the finishing touches. It makes selecting a brush really quick and easy. I just love how soft they feel on your face and the fact that they look super cute too. So I have the core collection which I bought the other week, the powder brush and the blush brush which were both purchased separately. I am just going to list the different brushes and a quick summery of what I use them for and what my thoughts are.

Powder Brush. I use this to dust powder over my face before I contour or use any kind of blusher. This was the first Real Techniques brush I ever bought and I fell in love from the first use. I desperately needed a powder brush and was drawn to this because of pretty it looks. However its even better than how it looks! Its lovely and big, something I look for in a powder brush and gets the product over my face quickly but evenly.

Blush Brush. I use this for my blusher (obviously). As my second Real Techniques brush, I already knew this was going to be great and was so excited and happy when I finally purchased it. My blusher just glides on and because of the shape of this brush it seems to get the product in the perfect place without much effort on my part. I just love this brush.

Buffing Brush. I actually use this one to apply my foundation. My sister is a make up artist and said that she loved this as a foundation brush. I thought I'd give it a go and see what she meant. She was right, it is actually an ideal brush to use for foundation. Because of the shape and size of the brush it applies the product perfectly. I just adore this brush!

Contour Brush. I occasionally use this to contour. It blends my bronzer in really well and creates a nice finish. Definitely another of my favourite  brushes.

Pointed Foundation Brush. I have only used this once, It wasn't terrible but I just liked using the buffing brush too much! So this has taken a slight backseat. Its great to get the product into all the crevices though!

Detailer Brush. I have yet to use this one. i think it could be a great concealer brush or maybe to apply lipstick with. 

So thats a run down of all my Real Techniques brushes. I really want to give the eye brushes a try so that will probably be my next purchase. I have also heard that they have bought out a limited edition duo-fiber collection which I seriously need to get my hands on! I think its available for a year and then thats it. Definitely something on my wish list.

Do you have any Real Techniques brushes? What are your favourites? 

Luci xo

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pretty Little Liars Style | Aria

Pretty Little Liars Style | Aria

Polyvore - princessluci

Hey guys, hope you are all having a good week so far. I'm so excited that its Friday tomorrow. I then have five days off work, perfect for chilling out, shopping and doing a spot of blogging. Anyway onto todays post. :)

I am a huge fan of the show Pretty Little Liars. I was hooked from the first episode and I'm now currently on season 2. I just cannot get enough of it. The story lines are genius and addictive, the characters are relatable and their wardrobes are to die for! I've decided to do a 'Pretty Little Liars Style' series, showing their style and how you can achieve it yourself. First up is Aria.

Aria's style is slightly bohemian, she is the kind of girl who throws it all together and ends up looking effortlessly cool. She isn't afraid to experiment and mixes vintage dresses and jewellery with urban jackets and boots. Aria loves her shorts skirts and this leather one would be perfect paired with knee high black socks or lace tights. Sometimes the weather might not be on your side, if thats case, chunky knit tights can also work in the cooler months. As for a top, this striped vest is the perfect match, especially worn with a leather jacket - an Aria staple. Just remember, don't be afraid to mix it up and pair a basic t-shirt with a striking jacket or a chiffon top with a quirky skirt. Thats what makes Arias style so cool.
This chiffon blouse would look great with the skirt or a ripped up pair of jeans. Aria would still wear a classic pair of jeans but she is certain to want to tear them and put her stamp on them. As for dresses, Aria is always one to have a cute floral or lace dress worn with chunky boots. I found this lace number which is exactly her vintage style and the brown boots toughen it up and completely transform the outfit into something that can be worn anywhere. When looking for boots to pair with a dress, look for chunky biker boots, worn lace ups or combat boots to take it from girly to casual.

Belts are definitely something to transform any outfit, they nip in the waist of any top, skirt or dress and Aria is nearly always wearing one or even two. These skinny ones in a variety of different colours or this cute tan bow belt are perfect. Aria goes for cute yet casual and effortless bags. This chunky brown leather bag from Jack Wills is super slouchy and would look great with a cute floral dress. Last of all, Aria loves her long chain necklaces or pendants and no 'Aria inspired' outfit would be complete without one. You could find these anywhere from high street stores to little vintage boutiques or charity shops. You don't even need to spend a fortune, Arias style is all about what can be thrown together and not caring what anyone else thinks. Think outside the box.

What do you think of Aria's style? Would you say she was your favourite? What do you think of the show?

lots of love
Luci xo

Monday, 15 April 2013

My MAC Lipstick Collection

L-R Creme Cup, Hug Me, Please Me and Sunny Seoul

L-R Sweetie, Cosmo and Apres Chic

L-R Watch Me Simmer, Viva Glam Nicki and Charmed I'm Sure

Hello Lovelies. Today I wanted to share with you my MAC lipstick collection. I currently have 10 MAC lipsticks, some I wear to death, others not so much. They are my favourite brand of lipstick and I think everyone should own at least one, although that is rather difficult seeing as there are so many shades to choose from!

The shades I have are:

Creme Cup - Cremesheen
Hug Me - Lustre
Please Me - Matte
Sunny Seoul - Cremesheen
Sweetie - Lustre
Cosmo - Amplified
Apres Chic - Cremesheen
Watch Me Simmer - Amplified
Viva Glam Nicki - Satin
Charmed I'm Sure - Matte (limited edition) 

My all time favourite is Creme Cup, I always go back to this one if I cant decide what to wear or I want a really natural look. However I recently bought Hug Me which is did a review on here and that is also, quickly becoming a firm favourite of mine. As you can see I tend to go for pinks and subtle colours but I think for summertime I'll definitely be stocking up on some bright shades.

What shades would you recommend? Im always looking for new colours to purchase and add to my collection :)

Luci xo

Sunday, 14 April 2013

London Haul

MAC x15 Pro Palette £22 | Topshop Purse £16
Forever 21 shorts £16 and £10

Topshop cream t-shirt £12  | Forever 21 grey t-shirt £11.50
Toms £30
Pink Body Mist £15
Hey Everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely, relaxing weekend enjoying the much warmer weather than we've been used to. I've been working the entire weekend so I haven't had the chance to soak up the sunshine but I now have two days off so fingers crossed it doesn't rain or turn cold again, I'm craving some warm weather right now! Anyway, I wanted to share with you a few things I purchased in London last week after I got paid. I didn't go totally crazy, even though I easily could have, there are so many cute things in the stores at the moment.

First up, I popped into MAC on the off chance that they might have some x15 Pro Palettes. They have been out of stock in the stores and online for ages and i was getting a bit fed up of having all my eyeshadows in quads. Well I was in luck! They had picked a few up at a trade show and only had 3 left. I was so excited, I instantly said I'd take one. I was one very happy customer indeed. Secondly, I was roaming around Topshop and had picked up this simple cream t-shirt. An ideal casual top to pair with jeans or shorts for one of those days and was just queuing up when I spotted this amazing bright pink purse. I have been searching for a new purse for so long! Mine had become all dirty and scratched and just looked awful. However, I am very fussy, I like big purses with plenty of card space and are easy to find in my bag. This was the one I had been waiting for. A gorgeous bright pink with lots of space. I loved it straight away and took it with me to the till.

Next are these two gorgeous pairs of shorts from Forever 21. It's not like I necessarily needed more shorts but these were at such a good price, I just couldn't walk away. I picked up a pair of candy striped shorts which are so comfy and would look perfect once the sun was shining with a cute t-shirt and were only £16. A total bargain as far as I'm concerned! Then I came across these really simple red denim shorts which I instantly fell in love with. I adore bright shorts, I just think they really brighten up an outfit and look great with a white tee. You wouldn't believe how much these cost me, £10! I actually couldn't believe it when I read the tag, I don't think I have ever paid £10 for a pair of shorts at their full price. Amazing! Also from Forever 21, I picked up this grey t-shirt. Very casual but looked great with both pairs of shorts I'd just found. Its made from that really soft material that hangs really nicely.

I then picked up these very cute pair of Toms from Office. How sweet are they? I love the fact they are red and the white dots just make them look a little bit different. I love Toms, I bought a floral pair last year and lived in them the entire summer. They are so comfortable too. I managed to walk round all of Rome and New York in them and they didn't rub my feet once. I was super excited to get another pair and they were in the sale, so they only cost me £30. Yay! Lastly, I cant go to London without having a look in Victoria's Secret. I just adore all their products but it can be pricey. I picked up this body mist from their Pink range and it smells amazing. It just reminds me of summer, sunshine and holidays. Just what I need right now.

So there you have it, my London haul. Have you guys purchased anything really cute lately?

Luci xo

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Spring Style

Spring Style
Polyvore - princessluci

Hey My Lovelies. Hope you've all had a great week so far and are excited for the weekend. I'll be working I'm afraid but thats what comes with working in retail I guess. Boo! Todays post is about springtime style and some of my must haves.

First up, I think everyone needs that perfect pair of jeans. Goodbye dark colours and hello to refreshing, medium washes. They instantly brighten up an outfit and take it from a winter look to something much more spring. Secondly, seeing as english springtime is much more like everywhere else's winter, a light weight jumper is a must. It saves having to worry about a cardigan or light jacket and looks super stylish and casual. I love this mint green Wildfox one. Its such a lovely colour and makes me think of sunshine.
Now I don't know about you, but I am a little bit fed up of wearing my wintery boots. So when the weather gets a little warmer I love to slip on a nice pair of trainers or Toms. Im really craving a pair of converse at the moment like these ones. Lastly springtime means ditching those black handbags and digging out cross body bags in lots of different shades. This Rebecca Minkoff bag is to die for! I just love the style and colour and if the price wasn't so high, I'd definitely treat myself to one.

On to cosmetics. Spring wouldn't be spring without pastel nail polishes and pink lipsticks. This gorgeous lilac Essie polish is so stunning and the perfect shade for a springtime look. And you can't go wrong with a classic MAC lipstick in a light shade of pink. Last of all is fragrance. I'm a huge fan of Coco Chanel but sometimes, when the weather is slightly warmer, I like to try a lighter scent. Daisy is very simple and light and the perfect finishing touch to any springtime look.

So there you have it, my first season style post. I thought I'd give it a go and do something slightly different. I hope you enjoyed it. :)

Luci xo

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Neon Trend

The Neon Trend

Polyvore princessluci

Hey Guys! Today is just a quick post about a trend that I'm seriously loving right now, the neon trend. When summer comes around and the sun is shining I always want to wear something bright to match my mood, plus it makes such a change from the usual drab clothes we end up wearing the majority of the year due to our rainy, english weather. 
The neon trend screams summer to me and I just cant wait till I can dig out those crazy nail polishes and lipsticks. Thats not to say you cant enjoy neons right now. There are so many make up brands selling bright lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes all year round. I'd recommend China Glaze for neon polishes. Every year they release a new neon collection which consists of various pinks, yellows, greens and purples, certain to hurt your eyes. They don't hold back on the brightness either, but thats what you want from a bright polish. Right? 
As for lipsticks or eye shadows, MAC is definitely the place to go. As you probably know, they have such a huge range of colours to choose from, you are bound to find that perfect bright shade. They have also recently re-released 'Candy Yum Yum' which is a stunning neon pink lipstick. It's something I have my eye on thats for sure.

If you want to go for something that stands out a bit more, then try and get hold of some cute shorts in a neon pink or green. Maybe a bright t-shirt to brighten up those skinny jeans. There are hundreds of ways to embrace this trend and there is something for everyone.
 I cant wait! Can you?

Luci xo

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Small Boots Haul

Hey Everyone, hope you're all having a great week so far. Todays post is about a few things I picked up today. So I went into Boots to get a few essentials and as always I got totally distracted. I don't know if anyone else is like that but I can spend ages wandering around Boots, checking out all the new products and offers. Im a total nightmare! They had 3 for 2 on all cosmetics and 3 for 2 on all hair care. Obviously I had to take advantage of this and ended up buying a few things that weren't on my list. I told you.. total nightmare! So here is what I bought...

1. Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes £21. I've wanted this set of brushes for quite a while but have never got round to buying them. Seeing as it was 3 for 2 on cosmetics and accessories I thought now would be a good time. I do own a couple of Real Techniques brushes and they are by far my favourite. The bristles are really soft and I love the fact the handles are coloured according to what they are used for. I think I'll do a post on them at some point to give them a full review.

2. John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner £5.89. I have very fine hair and always need a bit of a boost to give it some body. I love trying out different volume shampoos and seeing what difference they make to my hair and whether they actually work! This is my second bottle of this shampoo, I loved it so much. I think it really gives my hair that much needed volume and smells fantastic. So I decided to purchase another one and the conditioner to match. Might as well have the complete set after all.

3. Blink Intensive Tears Eyedrops £6.49. This one isn't very exciting but I thought I'd include it all the same. Since about February I have suffered with very dry eyes and they can be quite uncomfortable so these eyedrops are my life saver! They just make my eyes feel refreshed and moisturised. A must have in my bag!

4. Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara £7.19. I bought the smokey version of this mascara before and I loved it so I thought I'd give this 100% black version a go. It just makes my eyelashes look super long and very black, something I find very important in a mascara. It also doesn't smudge under the eyes which is definitely a plus.

5. Revlon Nail Art £7.99 each. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love nail polish. So when I saw these I knew I had to have them. They do three different types. Moon Candy which has 3D sparkles,  Neon which has a white polish to go underneath to make it pop and Expressionist which includes a skinny brush to paint patterns with. Obviously seeing as it was 3 for 2, I bought one of each. I got them in the colours 'Eclipse', 'Pink Glow' and 'Silhouette'. I cant wait to try them out! No doubt I'll be posting photos on Instagram in the next few days.

So there you have it, some of the products I purchased today. Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

Luci xo

Sunday, 7 April 2013

MAC Lipstick | Hug Me

Hey Everyone! Happy Sunday! Why is it that weekends go so quick? This one has just flown by!
Anyway, I just wanted to do a quick post on a new MAC lipstick I purchased the other week. I got the shade 'Hug Me' and its lovely!

Its a fleshy pink and the perfect nude for my lips. I just can't get away with certain nudes, they make me look really washed out and pale. I hate those lipsticks that just look like a concealer. Ergh. So I've been searching for a pinky nude that I can wear as an everyday, natural lip colour. I have finally found it! 

'Hug me' is a lustre. I really like lustre lipsticks as they don't dry my lips out and are comfortable to wear. My lips don't do well with drying lipsticks and nudes can highlight imperfections so it's perfect for me. I also like the fact that it's more of a sheer colour rather then something super pigmented. It really does give you that "this is my natural lip colour" kind of look.

So if any of you are struggling to find the perfect nude to pair with a smokey eye or are just looking for an every day natural lip colour then 'Hug Me' could be for you. It suits any skin tone and wont wash out even the palest of skins. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

Luci xo

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Lucas' Papaw Ointment

Hey Everyone, it's finally the weekend! I hope you are all having a great one so far. Mines been super relaxing. Today my post is about Australia's Papaw Ointment. I discovered this when talking to a MAC make up artist when shopping. After explaining that I suffered from dry skin in certain areas she suggested I try this out. She said it is pretty hard to come by in the UK but there is somewhere that sells it online. She claimed it worked miracles. Well I was sold, I needed to try this stuff!

Lucas Papaw Ointment is made from fermented papya fruits, otherwise known as 'Pawpaw' in Australia. It has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and can be used on anything from sunburn, minor burns, insect bites or splinters. Many people also use it for eczema or dry skin, lip balm or for the control of eyebrows! Basically it can be used on pretty much anything. 

I managed to find a UK seller here and went about ordering myself a tube. It was a lot cheaper then I thought it would be and they do lots of deals if you wanted to buy more than one. It arrived really quickly and I tested it the same night. The cream feels like vaseline but slightly thicker and it has got an unusual smell. (I guess thats what this papya fruit smells like!). When applied to your face, it does feel greasy and leaves a slightly shiny appearance on your face.

The next morning, my face didn't look greasy anymore and my dry skin had vanished! Im not even joking, it had completely gone. I applied my make up and not a dry patch in sight! I was so happy and knew there and then that I would forever need this little tube of goodness. 

So I highly recommend you check this product out. Its like Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream but without the high price tag. Its totally natural and hasn't broken me out, its just left me with really smooth skin. So if you do suffer with dry patches or fancy having a multi use cream, then this is definitely worth a look.

Thanks for reading!
Luci xo 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bath and Body Works Candles

Hey Everyone! I hope you're all having a lovely week despite this horrible english weather. You wouldn't believe it's April would you? Its freezing and I'm getting bored of wearing jumpers and boots now. Can we please have some sunshine already..

Anyway onto what todays post is about. I am a massive fan of Bath and Body Works, especially their candles. The scents are just amazing and they are always so beautiful. I just wish they had stores in the UK, it would make me so happy! But they don't so I have to make the most of trips to the USA or finding UK sellers. Alot of places don't actually sell the 3 wick candles which is a huge shame as they are my favourite but I guess they are quite expensive to ship over from the states. However I recently found LucyVictoria which sells them! Eeeep!

I was so excited and splashed out on two straight away! They were £22 each but with free delivery, whats not to love? The great thing about BABW 3 wick candles are they burn for such a long time, approx 30-45 hours. I purchased 'Mahogany Teakwood' and 'Coconut Leaves'. They arrived super quickly and packaged safely. Perfect! They smell amazing! Just what I expected from a BABW candle.

Mahogany Teakwood - Revel in the cozy fine woods fragrances of mahogany, cedarwood and oak, highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes.

Coconut Leaves - Transport your senses to the tropics with this fusion of juicy tangerine and papaya that gives way to soothing coconut and vanilla notes.

They explain the scents a lot better then me. :) I think they do smell like they say they do. 'Coconut Leaves' really reminds me of summer. Its a perfect escape from whats really outside and 'Mahogany Teakwood' has a lovely cosy feel to it. Just what you need when you come in from a long, hard day at work. For anyone that hasn't tried these candles before, then you really must. The scents fill the room quickly and linger for ages. All the candles look beautiful and are totally worth the money.

I definitely recommend you check them out.

Luci xo

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Nike Free Run 3 Trainers | Keeping Fit

Hey Everyone! Now those of you that follow me on Instagram may have seen the photos of my lovely new trainers and that I am starting to jog as a way of keeping fit and healthy. I'm always moaning and saying that I want to get fit and tone up but my will power leaves a lot to be desired. So I thought by buying a pair of decent and pretty trainers, it would give me a kick start. 

Last year I did join a gym and intended to go three times a week. This quickly dwindled down to maybe once every so often. I was completely wasting my money. I don't know whether it was laziness or the fact that being surrounded by super fit people was a little off putting, especially as I was huffing and puffing most of the time. So I quit and went back to complaining about how I needed to get fit.

After going to New York last September and seeing so many people go jogging around Central Park and actually enjoying themselves I decided that in the new year, I'd really give it a try. I really wanted to get some trainers that were bright and colourful rather than boring white. I guess I still wanted to make a fashion statement even if it is only jogging. :) So after a lot of searching on the internet and reading reviews I settled on these!

Nike Free Run trainers are meant to feel as if you are running barefoot but still with the support and cushioning of a normal shoe. They do them in various colours too so there is something for everyone. I went for what they call 'Hot Punch' and its a super bright pink with lime green accents. Very girly! When they arrived I was so happy with how they looked and they are sooo comfortable! In addition to my new trainers, I also went to Victoria's Secret in London to purchase some new fitness gear. I went for a pair of yoga leggings in black with a coral and white striped band at the top and a bright coral, baggy t-shirt to match. I think looking the part makes you feel so much better about yourself. The more confident you feel, the more likely you are to do it more often.

Anyway, I went jogging for the first time this morning with my sister and these shoes were amazing. They didn't rub my feet or feel uncomfortable, but cushioned my foot. They also felt super light. Shame about my fitness levels, which weren't so great but that can be improved! 

I'm hoping by having these gorgeous trainers to run in, I'll manage to keep it up and actually end up enjoying myself - fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading
Luci xo

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Goodies

Hey Guys :) I hope you've all had a fantastic easter weekend and got lots of yummy easter eggs and goodies! Yesterday I went to my aunties house with the family and had a delicious Sunday roast. She also organised a easter egg hunt just like the ones we used to do when we were younger (except the clues were much more difficult). It was so much fun and just proves you are never too old for easter egg hunts. Today's post is just a little look at some of the goodies my parents got me for easter.

So I'm a huge fan of Lush products. There is nothing I like more then having a relaxing bath in the evening complete with a Lush bubble bar or bath ballistic. They are always really cute, different and the smells are just so good! So I woke up to a little bag filled with three Lush products, a gold Lindt bunny (which I didn't include in the photos as it's already half eaten - oops!) and a cute little cuddly chick. None of the Lush bubble bar products I got are actually easter themed as a lot of them had a slight orange smell to them and anyone that knows me, knows that I cant stand the smell of oranges. No way!

So first up is the Dorothy bubble bar. I have never used this one before so I'm pretty excited to try it out. Its smells so good and I just love how it looks. The cute little rainbow on top is so sweet! 
Second is the Magic mushroom bubble bar. This I have actually used before and I loved it then. Super happy to use it again. It smells of vanilla and strawberries which is lovely. I adore the smell of vanilla so this is a good choice for me. Again, so cute!
Lastly is the Easter Egg Hunt soap. Now Lush are famous for their soaps and I have only used one of them before - shocking I know! So I was really please to see one in my bag of goodies. It smells like raspberries which is gorgeous. Apparently there are meant to be little bits of egg shaped soap inside which is pretty exciting!

Overall I'm really happy with the things I got for easter. As much as I love chocolate (I really do) it was nice to get something a little different instead of lots of eggs that I'll never get round to eating. 

What did you guys get for Easter?

Luci xo