Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Selfridges Festival Beauty Box

Hey ladies. How are you all? Todays post is on Selfridges Festival Beauty Box which I ordered a a week or so ago. As soon as I heard about this box I couldn't wait for it to come on sale. The products all looked amazing and were definitely things I would use. The box itself cost £25 but is worth a total of £110. That is amazing and makes it a perfect way to try out new products without spending a small fortune. As for the packaging, this was a super tiny box which I guess is because its meant for taking to a festival but all the products fitted in perfectly. It was still in Selfridges signature yellow style with the super cute tissue paper so it still looked classy. Anyway lets get onto the products inside this little box...

Sol de Janerio Coconut Cooling Mist. This is lovely and very refreshing. I actually tried this as soon as I opened the box and I really like it. Its ideal for when your feeling hot and just want to cool down. The smell is also lovely, its very subtle so its not overpowering. Strong scents are a no no in the summer as far as I'm concerned. 

Topshop Lip crayon in 'Powder Room'. I actually included this in my June favourites here because I loved this so much. The colour is gorgeous and perfect as an every day pink and the formula is fantastic. Its not too drying or flakey and it lasts for ages! Something thats very important when you're out and about and don't have the time to reapply.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in 'Navy'. I have tried a few of Eyeko's products before and quite liked them so I am pretty excited to give this a go. I normally wear black eyeliner so navy should make a change and create a slightly different look. I quite like the idea of wearing navy in the summer, its something a little less dramatic. Have to wait and see!

Coloursmash Hair Shadow. Sooooo excited to try this. I always see this pictures on Instagram of girls with pink or purple bits in their hair for summer and it looks so good. I am not quite brave enough to ever do that permanently so this looks like a good way to test it out and wear it for a day or so without actually committing to wearing it full time.

Violent Lips Lip Appliques in 'Warm Rainbow'. These do look pretty scary but I remember seeing these being applied at a beauty show once and they did look really cool. I am not sure if I would ever have the guts to wear this out and about but it will be fun to try them out anyway. :)

Illamasqua Liquid Metal Metallic Cream. Love this shade! Its gorgeous and will look amazing on a night out or something. I can't wait to test this out. Its lovely and creamy and looks like it could be a perfect base too. I have also always wanted some Illamasqua make up! Yay!

Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Moxie Lipgloss. Bare Minerals is a great brand so I was so excited to try this lip gloss out. The colour is a perfect pink and will look great with any kind of look whether it be a neutral look or something a bit more dramatic. Again, the formula is brilliant and the lasting power is good for a lipgloss.

Azature Nail Polish in 'Champagne'. Woooo another nail polish! My collection is growing more and more by the day. I have never even heard of this brand before so I don't know how great the quality is or anything. Pretty excited to use it though and the colour is really different. Its like a bronze shade but with little bits of gold and champagne coloured glitter. Lovely!

Cowshed Anti-bacterial Hand Gel. You always need Anti-bacterail hand gel so this was a nice little extra. I always have one in my bag at all times but I tend to go for your average brands that don't cost a small fortune. Cowshed is a good quality brand so it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference at all. 

NPW Mini Scented Hand and Face Wipes. These are so cute! The are so dinky and the packaging is so cool. Again, perfect for popping in my hand bag. You never know when you might need them. If I was going to a festival, this would be the sort of thing I would be super happy to receive in this box.

NPW Chubby Glitter Stick. Again, not something I will probably use regularly but would be ideal if I was going to a festival this year. I still think it will be pretty handy. Who knows when you might need some pink glitter in a stick right?

So thats whats included in the Selfridges Festival Beauty Box. The box is still available to purchase on Selfridges website here but I'm not sure how long it will be around for so get to it quickly. :) If you have already got this cute little box, what did you think?

Luci xo

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