Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sunbathing Must Haves

Beautysets - Sunbathing Must Haves

Hey everyone, hope you are all well and are having a good week so far. I have been pretty much glued to the TV yesterday because of the royal baby! Its been so exciting waiting to hear the news and now we know its a little prince! Seriously, I couldn't contain my excitement and now I just want to see him and find out what they will call him.  Hopefully we will know a little bit later on today. :) Anyway, todays post is just a quick one and its basically what I think are sunbathing must haves. I also had great fun using Beauty Sets again. You can create some really nice collages on there and the templates are amazing.

So for my sunbathing must haves I included..

You should always apply suncream before any sort of sunbathing, plus it stops you getting burnt as easily! I love Hawaiian Tropic suncream because not only is it super moisturising, it smells divine too!
When the sun gets too bright, shades are a must! I wouldn't sit with them on your face the entire time as you will get pretty bad tan lines, but if you want to have a little read or a flick through a magazine, they make it a lot more comfortable.
Ice Cold Drink. 
Drinking is super important when you are sunbathing as you don't want to get too dehydrated. A nice cold drink will cool you down as well as keep you hydrated.
Perfect for when you just want to slip something on your feet to take a little break and walk around. Flip flops are so cute and easy to slip on and off. I live in mine during the summer.
Beach Towel. 
Whether you are using a sun lounger or are sitting on the beach, a towel is a must. They make sun loungers and the ground a lot more comfortable and hygienic and they are also perfect if you want to hop in and out or the pool or ocean.
This is more of an after sunbathing kind of thing but its still a must have regardless. Moisturising your skin after spending time in the sun is very important and this Hawaiian Tropic one works wonders! It also smells amazing too which is always a bonus.
Beach Bag. 
Very important. How else are you supposed to take all these things with you? A stylish beach bag is the perfect thing to carry with you. I love this straw one with the cute green detailing.
Lip balm. 
Last but not least is a hydrating lip balm. Just like our skin, our lips can become very dry and sore if spent too long in the sun without any protection. This EOS lip balm is ideal and something I swear by! 

So there you have it, my sunbathing must haves squeezed into just 8 items.
Do you guys have any sunbathing must haves?

Luci xo


  1. this sunscreen is the best it smells gorgeous!



  2. I loove Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen, and I do need to get me that Aftersun lotion!

    1. I dont think I could live without that aftersun anymore.. xx

  3. I love Aftersun cream. I've never tried that one. I'll have to give it a shot!


    1. Oooo you wont be disappointed, the smell alone makes it amazing xx

  4. Replies
    1. They are certainly one of my favourites :) xx