Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Rainbow Tag

Hey ladies, today I am doing The Rainbow Tag. I was tagged a couple of weeks ago by the lovely Jackie at FiveTwo Certified but I have only just got round to doing it.. terrible I know! Basically you take every single colour of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) plus pink and multicoloured and name one of your favourite beauty or fashion products that fit in with every colour. I stuck with beauty products all the way through apart from multi coloured which was way too difficult. It was actually pretty hard, (I didn't realise how many pink products I actually owned - oops!) but I managed it in the end and it was really fun! Anyway, lets get started!

Red. OPI Nail Polish in 'Big Apple Red'. I just had to choose a nail polish for this colour and this is my all time favourite red shade. Its just the perfect classic nail colour and looks brilliant with everything. Plus its OPI so the quality is amazing and lasts for days without a single chip. I wear this heaps in the winter.

Orange. Clarins Daily Energiser Cream. I did struggle a little with orange but I realised that the moisturiser I use every single night happens to be in an orange pot. Funny how you never notice these things when you use them regularly. Anyway, I adore this moisturiser and its one out of very few that actually work really well on my skin. I get through tubs of this stuff, its so good. 

Yellow. Herbel Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Cream. This was an easy one. I love the Bee Strong range but I figured I had mentioned the hair mask a few times before in other posts so I thought I would give this product some lime light. I love this! I use this on the ends of hair after I have just washed it and it works miracles. My ends are super soft, they don't look dry or damaged and the smell is amazing. If you have never tried this before and want something to repair the ends of your hair a little, then try this!

Green. Hawiian Tropic Silk Hydration Aftersun. I mentioned this in my June favourites which you can take a look at here and its still a firm favourite this month too. What with the sunshine beaming away and spending more and more time outside in the garden soaking up the rays, I have really got so much use out of this. I love the fact it is super hydrating and leaves my skin really soft. Plus the actual product is green. :)

Blue. No7 Facial Recovery Aftersun. Again, this was quite an easy one as I seem to have a lot of blue products. I chose this one because I have been using it a lot lately. It the ideal aftersun for the face as its non greasy but also really soothing and hydrating. It also works brilliantly when you get slightly burnt too which I managed to experience a couple of weeks ago. Oops!

Indigo. OPI Nail Polish in ' Into The Night'. I struggled with this colour big time. I couldn't find a single thing that matched it at all. So I had to go with another nail polish. This is a really unusual colour and has a slight pearlesent finish to it. I really like wearing this in the winter months as its quite bright but still dark enough to finish off a winter look.

Violet. Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz. This arrived in this months Glossybox which I did a post on here and it fit in perfectly with this colour. I really like this product. It really cools me down and the smell is lovely! 

Pink. YSL Lipstick in #29. I had to do a lipstick for pink as I have a million different shades! I think I have a slight obsession with pink lipsticks. I decided to choose my YSL one because I love this colour so so much. Its a stunning pink that looks fantastic with any type of make up look and the formula is super creamy and hydrating, not drying at all! I just love it so much and would love to purchase a few more YSL lipsticks but unfortunately they are pretty pricey.

Multicoloured. Victoria's Secret Pink Bandeau. Okay, so this is when I had to go for a fashion product rather than beauty and I think this fits in nicely. It has lots of different colours in the floral pattern and its so cute! I love it and its very multicoloured. :)

So thats the Rainbow Tag! I hope you enjoyed it and I now tag all of you to try and match up some of your favourite beauty and fashion products to the colours of the rainbow. If you have done this tag, leave me a link below so I can take a look. :)

Luci xo


  1. Great post! I really want to do this tag!


  2. thanks for doing the tag! awesome products there too! I have to get that Aftersun lotion since my hubby forgets to put sunscreen when we're out and my shoulders get burnt easily too :)