Friday, 27 September 2013

Revlon Lip Butters

So I'm pretty sure all of you know what Revlon's lip butters are and how amazing they are too! If not, where on earth have you been?! Today I just wanted to share my small collection with you because lately I have just been wearing these all the time and am slightly addicted to them all over again. I have had such dry lips recently and these are ideal for when that happens. They are super moisturising and hydrating and don't cling to any dry patches whatsoever. I also love how pigmented they can be too, the perfect alternative to lipstick when your lips are just not up to it.

So I currently have five lip butters, (I say currently because I'm pretty sure I'll end up purchasing more in the future.) and I love every single one. I have a mixture of darkish shades to the more pinky shades so I have something for whatever I am feeling that particular day. I'll just list the shades and what I love about each one.

Peach Parfait. This was one of the first lip butters I ever bought and its a perfect shimmery nude shade. This is ideal for when you want a natural looking lip and nothing too dramatic. I tend not to wear this one as much as the others because I don't always like the shimmer effect.

Strawberry Shortcake. This is my most used lip butter because the colour just looks perfect with everything. Its just a gorgeous girly pink and I love it. This, along with Berry Smoothie, live in my bag nearly all the time, especially recently. 

Sweet Tart. I bought this one recently and I really like it, I've worn this a lot already and I adore the colour. It looks pretty bright in the tube but when applied to my lips its just the perfect darker pink. Its so cute and really makes a difference to an over all look. This could easily be a new favourite.

Berry Smoothie. Like I said, this is nearly always in my bag. I just love the plum tint to this and the fact that it lasts on my lips for a long time. Its a gorgeous autumn shade and I have been wearing this all the time this past month. :)

Raspberry Pie. Again, I bought this one recently because I really want to get in on the dark, deep red lip trend but because my lips are still a little dry I didn't wanted to splash out on a lipstick and not be able to wear it. This is a stunning shade and I can't wait to wear this when the weather gets cooler. Its pretty dramatic for a lip butter but thats what I love about it.

So there are my brief summaries on each shade. Sorry I didn't include any swatches, I just couldn't get the lighting right and my camera just didn't do them justice. So yeah, I am really sorry about that! If you haven't ever tried Revlon's lip butters before then I highly recommend them. They are just perfect for when you don't want to spend the time applying lipstick but still want that splash of colour and when your lips need a little more hydration. For £ 7.99 you cant go wrong and Boots are always including them in their 3 for 2 offers so you can get a right deal too.

Do you love Revlon's lip butters? What are your favourite shades?

Luci xo


  1. love the colours you went for! I have Raspberry Pie and have vowed to get some more use of of it this A/W, it's such a gorgeous shade x

    1. Aw thank you :) Yeah it really is stunning, perfect for A/W. x