Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Topshop Boots

Okay, so if there is one thing I love about autumn and winter its new clothes and accessories. I just love jumpers and jeans, warm coats and winter boots and scarves and gloves. I am just obsessed with it all and am now gradually piecing my new A/W wardrobe together. Now a few weeks a go I saw these Topshop ankle boots and instantly fell in love! They were everything I wanted in a new pair of boots and would look great with everything, so come payday, I bought them.

First up, they are ankle boots which I think are ideal to be worn with jeans, skirts or dresses. As much as I love these up to the knee boots or higher, they just don't look good on me, I'm too short. So this length is perfect for me and I like the fact these have a slight heel to them, they make my legs look longer and gives me a little extra height and are still slightly dressy enough to wear in the evening too. They are also 100% leather which is a huge thing for me, not only will they last for years, they also will get super soft over time so if anything, they will just get more and more comfy as I wear them. The thing that really sold them to me though was the gold detailing. The gold buckles give them a nice finishing touch and the gold band on the heel is just gorgeous! I love that about them and I feel that its gives them a slightly edgier look. I didn't want anything plain but I also didn't want anything to OTT so these beauties fit in the middle perfectly.

These are so comfortable too! I always worry that new boots take ages to break in and that can sometimes put me off but as soon as I tried these on in the store, I knew it would't be a problem. They are on the pricey side though at £80, but for me, they are well worth the money.

So if you fancy splurging on a new pair of boots this season that pop into Topshop. They have some gorgeous boots in store and online at the moment and its well worth taking a look. As for me, I cant wait to wear these as much as possible when the cold weather really hits.

What do you think of this seasons boots? What do you think of these?

Luci xo

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