Sunday, 1 September 2013

Monthly Favourites| August

Hey ladies! Can you actually believe we are into September already? I certainly can't and I am so excited. When we hit September I always start thinking of what I can buy for my fall wardrobe, the fact that Halloween is just around the corner and we can start carving pumpkins again and that we only have four months until Christmas! I really like Autumn, there is just so much going on! Anyway, onto my August favourites...

Big Sexy Hair Hairspray. I purchased this quite a while a go but I have only recently started using it and I love it. I only use this when I am wearing my hair loose, whether it be straight or curled and its amazing. It literally hold my hair perfectly even when its hot but doesn't leave it horrible and crispy and my hair still has lots of movement. The other thing I love is that it holds the volume in my hair for so much longer then with a normal hairspray. So happy I purchased this all those months ago. I couldn't be without it now!

Victoria's Secret Strawberries and Champagne Body Mist. I did a post on this and the other two body mists I purchased here but this has to be my favourite and one I have been using a lot! I just love the smell of this so much and the fact that the scent lasts for hours on end. Its lovely and light and not over powering at all. A lovely subtle scent that can be worn every single day.

Jergens Skin Firming Body Moisturiser. I love this! I try and use this nearly every single day and its so hydrating and makes my skin feel lovely and smooth afterwards. I am one for trying body moisturisers out all the time but I haven't felt the need to purchase anymore since getting this one. I just love it and if its making me look more toned at the same time then thats an added bonus! Whether it actually is.. I cant be sure.

China Glaze Nail Polish in 'Hang Ten-Toes'. I did a NOTD post on this shade here but it has been a firm favourite for the whole month of August really. I just adore this shade! I wore it lots last summer and have gone back to it again this year. Its just a super bright, summery pink that really stands out. Love it.

L'Occitane Moisturizing Lip Balm. A couple of weeks ago, I had what I think was a reaction to a lip product of some sort and my lips were beyond dry and felt really tight and uncomfortable. I read so many great reviews on this product I thought I would give it a whirl and hope it sorted me out. It did. This lip balm is amazing. It is super hydrating and is 100% natural. I have been using this every single day without fail. I think I will do a separate post for this one product because I love it that much.

Crown Red Sable Oval Brush. I purchased this brush when I went to IMATS in June and I have been using this nearly every day. Its the perfect brush for packing on colour to your eyelid. It holds a lot of product and is lovely and soft.

Lucky Charms Treat Bars. Okay, lastly is my non beauty favourite and its these Lucky Charm cereal bars. These are so good! I am a huge fan of Lucky Charms cereal (incase you didn't know) so when I found these I got really excited! They taste just like the cereal but in cereal bar form and have a yummy yoghurt base. So so good! I have been eating these loads this past month and cant get enough. :)

So thats it, my August favourites. What have you been loving in August?

Luci xo


  1. I really want to try the Big Sexy Hair Spray! Great favorites <3


    1. Love your favs! (: Feel free to come by my blog <3


    2. Aw thank you so much, and of course I will :) xx