Sunday, 14 April 2013

London Haul

MAC x15 Pro Palette £22 | Topshop Purse £16
Forever 21 shorts £16 and £10

Topshop cream t-shirt £12  | Forever 21 grey t-shirt £11.50
Toms £30
Pink Body Mist £15
Hey Everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely, relaxing weekend enjoying the much warmer weather than we've been used to. I've been working the entire weekend so I haven't had the chance to soak up the sunshine but I now have two days off so fingers crossed it doesn't rain or turn cold again, I'm craving some warm weather right now! Anyway, I wanted to share with you a few things I purchased in London last week after I got paid. I didn't go totally crazy, even though I easily could have, there are so many cute things in the stores at the moment.

First up, I popped into MAC on the off chance that they might have some x15 Pro Palettes. They have been out of stock in the stores and online for ages and i was getting a bit fed up of having all my eyeshadows in quads. Well I was in luck! They had picked a few up at a trade show and only had 3 left. I was so excited, I instantly said I'd take one. I was one very happy customer indeed. Secondly, I was roaming around Topshop and had picked up this simple cream t-shirt. An ideal casual top to pair with jeans or shorts for one of those days and was just queuing up when I spotted this amazing bright pink purse. I have been searching for a new purse for so long! Mine had become all dirty and scratched and just looked awful. However, I am very fussy, I like big purses with plenty of card space and are easy to find in my bag. This was the one I had been waiting for. A gorgeous bright pink with lots of space. I loved it straight away and took it with me to the till.

Next are these two gorgeous pairs of shorts from Forever 21. It's not like I necessarily needed more shorts but these were at such a good price, I just couldn't walk away. I picked up a pair of candy striped shorts which are so comfy and would look perfect once the sun was shining with a cute t-shirt and were only £16. A total bargain as far as I'm concerned! Then I came across these really simple red denim shorts which I instantly fell in love with. I adore bright shorts, I just think they really brighten up an outfit and look great with a white tee. You wouldn't believe how much these cost me, £10! I actually couldn't believe it when I read the tag, I don't think I have ever paid £10 for a pair of shorts at their full price. Amazing! Also from Forever 21, I picked up this grey t-shirt. Very casual but looked great with both pairs of shorts I'd just found. Its made from that really soft material that hangs really nicely.

I then picked up these very cute pair of Toms from Office. How sweet are they? I love the fact they are red and the white dots just make them look a little bit different. I love Toms, I bought a floral pair last year and lived in them the entire summer. They are so comfortable too. I managed to walk round all of Rome and New York in them and they didn't rub my feet once. I was super excited to get another pair and they were in the sale, so they only cost me £30. Yay! Lastly, I cant go to London without having a look in Victoria's Secret. I just adore all their products but it can be pricey. I picked up this body mist from their Pink range and it smells amazing. It just reminds me of summer, sunshine and holidays. Just what I need right now.

So there you have it, my London haul. Have you guys purchased anything really cute lately?

Luci xo

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