Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Goodies

Hey Guys :) I hope you've all had a fantastic easter weekend and got lots of yummy easter eggs and goodies! Yesterday I went to my aunties house with the family and had a delicious Sunday roast. She also organised a easter egg hunt just like the ones we used to do when we were younger (except the clues were much more difficult). It was so much fun and just proves you are never too old for easter egg hunts. Today's post is just a little look at some of the goodies my parents got me for easter.

So I'm a huge fan of Lush products. There is nothing I like more then having a relaxing bath in the evening complete with a Lush bubble bar or bath ballistic. They are always really cute, different and the smells are just so good! So I woke up to a little bag filled with three Lush products, a gold Lindt bunny (which I didn't include in the photos as it's already half eaten - oops!) and a cute little cuddly chick. None of the Lush bubble bar products I got are actually easter themed as a lot of them had a slight orange smell to them and anyone that knows me, knows that I cant stand the smell of oranges. No way!

So first up is the Dorothy bubble bar. I have never used this one before so I'm pretty excited to try it out. Its smells so good and I just love how it looks. The cute little rainbow on top is so sweet! 
Second is the Magic mushroom bubble bar. This I have actually used before and I loved it then. Super happy to use it again. It smells of vanilla and strawberries which is lovely. I adore the smell of vanilla so this is a good choice for me. Again, so cute!
Lastly is the Easter Egg Hunt soap. Now Lush are famous for their soaps and I have only used one of them before - shocking I know! So I was really please to see one in my bag of goodies. It smells like raspberries which is gorgeous. Apparently there are meant to be little bits of egg shaped soap inside which is pretty exciting!

Overall I'm really happy with the things I got for easter. As much as I love chocolate (I really do) it was nice to get something a little different instead of lots of eggs that I'll never get round to eating. 

What did you guys get for Easter?

Luci xo

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