Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Neon Trend

The Neon Trend

Polyvore princessluci

Hey Guys! Today is just a quick post about a trend that I'm seriously loving right now, the neon trend. When summer comes around and the sun is shining I always want to wear something bright to match my mood, plus it makes such a change from the usual drab clothes we end up wearing the majority of the year due to our rainy, english weather. 
The neon trend screams summer to me and I just cant wait till I can dig out those crazy nail polishes and lipsticks. Thats not to say you cant enjoy neons right now. There are so many make up brands selling bright lipsticks, eye shadows and nail polishes all year round. I'd recommend China Glaze for neon polishes. Every year they release a new neon collection which consists of various pinks, yellows, greens and purples, certain to hurt your eyes. They don't hold back on the brightness either, but thats what you want from a bright polish. Right? 
As for lipsticks or eye shadows, MAC is definitely the place to go. As you probably know, they have such a huge range of colours to choose from, you are bound to find that perfect bright shade. They have also recently re-released 'Candy Yum Yum' which is a stunning neon pink lipstick. It's something I have my eye on thats for sure.

If you want to go for something that stands out a bit more, then try and get hold of some cute shorts in a neon pink or green. Maybe a bright t-shirt to brighten up those skinny jeans. There are hundreds of ways to embrace this trend and there is something for everyone.
 I cant wait! Can you?

Luci xo


  1. Beautiful post!!! I like this colors!! thank you so much for your visit!
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    1. Thank you so much! Your welcome, your blog is lovely. :)
      Have a fantastic weekend too :)
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