Sunday, 21 April 2013

Advice To My Teenage Self

A couple of days ago, I was browsing through my dashboard when I came across this post on Bird's Words. It was such a good read and really made me go, 'I remember that!' or 'that happened to me!' so I decided I would do a similar post about advice I would give my teenage self if I could go back. 
I didn't hate school at all, but I wouldn't want to do it all over again either. School was very hard work and was a constant battle to try and survive the popular crowds, the bitchy comments and 'rules of the school'. If I went back now, I wouldn't care what people thought, I would know exactly what to say and do and how to handle situations. But when you're only a teenager, those things can be nigh impossible. My school in particular was pretty rough. It was the kind of school that, unless you were naughty and rebelled, you were nothing and my school life was all about trying to fit in and not stand out in any way, shape or form. These are a few things I would tell my teenage self if I could go back now.

Don't worry about what people think.

You'll always care a little bit about what people think, it's the way you are. But don't let it rule your life. So what if your bag isn't the same as everyone else's or your hair style isn't the 'in thing', if you like it then thats all that matters. In the long run, people will respect you for being yourself. You shouldn't have to feel as if you aren't good enough because they don't like what your wearing and you shouldn't feel awkward because you feel like you stand out and people are bound to be staring at you. Its a good thing so be proud and hold your head up high.

Stand up for yourself!

Sometimes, it's okay to stand up for yourself and not be a complete doormat. There will be many times that you'll disagree with something or feel like you are the centre of the groups gossip. Try and not let it get to you. It will feel horrible and you might feel like the loneliest person at times, but those people are not worth it and you shouldn't have to be scared to say something to them. They wont be your 'friends' in the future so don't worry too much about trying to keep them. If you think what they are doing is wrong, then mention it. If you know they are gossiping about you at the desk behind then call them on it. They'll be so embarrassed and you'll feel a million times better.

Don't put all your trust in people.

When people are being super nice to you, don't assume they all have your back, because they wont. There will be times when you think 'I told them not to say anything' or 'how did everyone find that out?'. People will stab you in the back frequently so don't let your guard down so easily. Don't worry, true friends will eventually appear and they are the people that will keep your secrets no matter what. You will also have that special friend you've had since year four who will always be by your side and you'll be able to tell her everything.

Aim to be the best - it's not a bad thing.

Dont feel bad about doing really well in your subjects, keep working hard and ignore those people that laugh and call you a geek. Getting good grades is important and a good thing to have for the future. Those 'popular' people who think messing around and not doing an ounce of homework is cool, have no idea what the future holds and will be those people who don't achieve much in life. You'll end up doing really well and thats definitely something to be proud of. Also be grateful for those teachers who really pushed you to get that great grade in Maths and French when you didn't really have a clue what you were doing.

Don't stay at sixth form because of your friends.

Staying where your friends are seems like a really great idea, but its not the best one for you. Sixth form won't be what you think it is and you'll be left feeling disappointed and end up not being as motivated as you could have been, to get those super grades you can achieve. Think outside the box and be confident that you'll still have those friends that really care about you whether you move to a college to study or not. Don't be scared!

Stop plucking those eyebrows!

Okay, so everyone thinks having super thin eyebrows that look like pencil lines are really cool. They might well be considered cool in secondary school but out in the real world, that is not the case. You'll be left with eyebrows that have very stunted growth and are never going to be in any real shape. You'll forever need products to fill them with, which is fine, but you'd be saving yourself a lot of time in your future morning routine by leaving them well alone.

Push yourself in P.E.

Yes, P.E might be THE worst subject in the world and the idea of messing your hair up, that you've spent all morning on to look exactly like everyone else's terrifies you. But it is a subject that maybe you should take a little more seriously. Don't spend ages trying to think up reasons why you can't participate in every lesson and just give it a go. Its good to be healthy and you might actually find a sport that you are good at. It would also make keeping fit a lot easier in the future too.

Fashion Advice.

Those awful fake burberry scarves that you and your entire group decided to wear religiously look exactly that, awful. They do not look good at all and you all look pretty ridiculous wearing them exactly the same way, all at the same time. Destroy it immediately. And as for those red and blonde streaks you put in your hair, NOT cool. They will also take forever to grow out so it's better to just avoid any kind of permeant dye, full stop.

So there you have it, a few things I'd like to go back and tell myself if I could. What would you tell your teenage self if you had the chance? Anything you'd want to change?

Lots of love
Luci xo


  1. This post is actually true, might do one like this soon :) xxxx

    1. Thanks! Ooooo yeah you should, its actually pretty fun too :) xxx